(04) Darcy Lewis - Kat Dennings

Her screen appearances on both movies were brief but in those short moments we fell for her character, for me, maybe bec .in real life, not all of us were as beautiful & clever as Jane, or sexy yet deadly like Nat, or even morally righteous & brave as Peggy. Buy a clumsy, iPod-lover, loud & funny intern fighting for her college degree? We can all relate to that.

Well *peeking down my shirt* maybe not with those pair of boobs.

And it is pretty clear on whom I ship her with.

♡ crazynoona fanart

It’s been about a month since ‘nophs have shown their creepy faces on this blog!

I had a thought one day that went something like this: “Who says that pallanophs have to fight with their mouths? They have some impressive paws and claws, after all.”

So this happened; just a continuation of the “Mirthond is Terrifying” theme. Also a study for what I hope to be a future illustration.