pencil realness


Believe it or not, but this actually happened in real life between me and @unu-nunu-art at the last Convention.

And to make it even more awesome, I was cosplaying as Ink and she as Error (she also sewed a Paperjam puppet). Neither of us knew how to play the infamous Pocky Game, but hey, at least we tried (and failed).

Error Sans belongs to
Ink Sans belongs to

Oh, and nice detail to add - I got the Pocky from the Blueberry and Lazy Carrot that accompanied us!

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Here is my drawing on Antisepticeye.

I drew great inspiration from page250jane on YouTube. She did a quick sketch of a similar pose on a live stream on her YouTube channel. I loved the idea, so I made it my own. The hands are my hands. I took so many weird pictures to get the angles right for everything. I might post the weird pictures later.



ok some people asked me and i was busy doing it in a graphic design way, but it was taking me ages and the result wasn’t too good so… forget that; also i know this picture isn’t the best but this flat’s light sucks and my sheets are super messy…… 

so here’s an updated what’s on my pencil case:

  • firstly, the pencil case is from Victoria’s Secrets but I’m not sure if it’s available online anymore because I got it last October.
  • Pritt eraser (with a super cute candy skulls design) and a rubber.
  • Four Muji (blue, green, pink and black) gel ink pens and two highlighters, a pink rectable and a yellow twin.
  • Two (yellow and pink) stabilo swing cool highlighters.
  • A few sticky notes.
  • Some clips? I think they’re called clips lol
  • My lovely camera-shaped pendrive from amazon with a keychain i got in London.
  • A lipbalm and a lighter.
  • Black and blue cheap ‘stabilo’ inspired pens.
  • Lilac, pink, green and baby blue stabilo point 88 pens.
  • Staedtler permanent pen in black.
  • Some regular BIC pens.
  • Gold and silver edding 1200.
  • My old (and almost broken) stylus.
  • BIC Atlantis pencil 0.5 and mines.
  • An euro because a girl gotta eat her sweets after lunch.

And I think that’s pretty much everything, let me know if you want a ‘What’s on my school bag’!!!!!!!!