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Random Doodle No.22 Everything You Want by Alexandra Snowdon on Flickr.

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A hand lettered pencil illustration of a quote by Jack Canfield.


It always feels like I’m spelling that word wrong. Same with Wednesday. Anyways, it’s the start of a new month, and I am very happy to change the page over on my calendar. Although seeing how I have designed the one I am using I know longer have that sense of curiosity over what image I’ll be seeing for the next 4 weeks or so. 

I’m getting so off track here. New month, new requests! To the people sending me anonymous requests or requests via the new messaging system, I’m sorry but the only requests I can letter are the ones relating to the theme of the month. I’ll be making an announcement about the new theme some time tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled for that. 

Stay awesome everyone!

Watercolour brush lettering with coloured pencil blending


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Needing to Unwind

Request: A long jimin smut where JIMIN is a bad boy and starts to bully an innocent girl who he secretly wants to have sex with. There is a party, and they are dared to stay in a room, so he manipulates her into having sex. She then confesses she knows nothing and hasn’t done anything to herself and then yeah ;) sorry it’s descriptive lol thanks!

Genre: SMUT with Jimin (18+)

Word Count: 4558                           MasterList 

 “You know your hand writing is atrocious right?” He pushed your pencil and made the letter you were trying to write trail down the page.

“Atrocious huh? That’s a pretty big word for you, isn’t it Jimin?” he gave you an unimpressed smile. You weren’t the only one Jimin picked on, actually you were one of many, but you were the constant. Jimin wasn’t the nicest person, constantly making fun of others and copying their homework or threatening them. He got into a lot of fights, and it wasn’t rare to see him with a black eye or cut lip. You tried not to notice, Jimin making you nervous an insecure. He rarely actually showed up for class but when he did he usually sat next to you, liking the way he could make you flush from embarrassment, even laughing when he made you cry once.

When it came to you, there was always something wrong in Jimin’s eyes. Either your hair would be out of place, Jimin only ruffling it to make it worse, or your writing would be messy, Jimin mentioning that he couldn’t copy your answers if you continued to write the way you did. Or your tag would be sticking out or your buttons were done up wrong. When it came to Jimin, you always felt completely insecure due to the constant reminder that there was always something wrong with you.

The two of you couldn’t have been more different. You had a good relationship with your family; Jimin lived on his own after his dad left. You got good grades; Jimin didn’t bother. You were quiet, painfully so sometimes; Jimin talked back to teachers, made fun of everyone and everything and thought he could get by on slick words and charm, which were both often laced with ridicule and attitude. So, whenever you saw him making his way to the desk beside yours, you lowered your head, preparing for the way Park Jimin would make you feel like less of a person, more of a running joke. Because, to him, you were the weird, shy girl, whose boobs weren’t big enough, whose legs were never the right shape, whose laugh was annoying, whose smile was crooked. You were the girl whose self-confidence could be measured by the tiniest of teaspoons. You were the girl, who despite trying not to react, always reacted. Whether it was turning red, glaring at him, insulting him back weakly, you always responded. And you knew that people always acted to gain reaction, and you knew Jimin thrived on your reaction, always making fun of that too, but you didn’t ever know what to say or do.

Truth was, you didn’t really have friends. You were too shy to talk to boys, too shy to laugh along with the girls, too brainy to dumb down to their language, too young to talk to the teachers. You were caught somewhere between having the mind of a 35-year-old and the body of a teenager. You would rather talk about literature or listen to a good book than discuss the latest gossip, usually about who slept with who and who Jimin was about to fight. You didn’t care about Park Jimin, or anyone else, because they didn’t care about you. Boys didn’t talk to you; girls didn’t talk to you. You had come to the conclusion that… that was life and, truth was, you were fine with it. Because you knew the year after you graduated you’d leave for school and never have to see any of them again and you didn’t care. But, part of you did, Part of you blushed when you thought about Jimin’s smile, but you quickly remembered that he was always laughing at you and never with you, so you pushed those thoughts to the back of your head.

You had convinced yourself you didn’t care about any of it.

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I enjoy black in my coffee and strings in my music. 👌

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Random Doodle No.50 - Adventure by Alexandra Snowdon on Flickr.

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Pencil hand lettering based on a quote by Helen Keller.

Doodle of the Day ~ Quote from John Dies at the End by David Wong

Pencil, pen, marker, digital letters

On another note, this book is like Percy Jackson on drugs, if you stripped out the Greek Gods and chucked in Lovecraftian horrors and existential dread and time-travel and levitating Jamaicans, and upped the rating to 17+.

Random Doodle No.53 Success by Alexandra Snowdon on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Hand lettered pencil illustration based on a quote by Benjamin Disraeli.

輕裝上陣,即興創作樂趣無窮 :)

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