pencil in hair

Im just throwing this out there, @whitemantis. What if Indy’s hair caught on fire cause shenanigans and Vygo had to cut it. Then he tried evening it out and this happened. I don’t know if she likes it.

Doodled this last night during my Instagram stream. Decided to test out my new phones camera and edit it. Came out pretty crisp, I like it


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an old oc that finally gets to see the light 💁!

she: loves lizards (and also owns 2 named Basil & Thyme), is a space enthusiast, has a prominent dimple on her left cheek, collects jacket patches and is overall just a terribly charming (and Gay) gal

Hairstyle studies for several characters of “A Series of Unfortunate Events”: Justice Strauss, Carmelita Spats, Esmé Squalor, Uncle Monty, the man with beard but no hair and the woman with hair but no beard, and Kit Snicket.