pencil colouring

My boss’s daughter found out I’ve played Undertale after looking through one of my sketchbooks, and insisted I draw Toriel for her, right there, from memory. I hadn’t really gotten to do much fanart for this game before, so I figured hey, why not!

(I felt bad for not posting all week but I’ve been super busy working and making arrangements for college so take this as my apology art)

“And it is always 1895″

I found this gorgeous photoshoot and had to give it a try. I drew Dr Watson and Mr Holmes at the same time, shifting from one to the other (almost) every time I changed colour. All kinds of brown were involved.

Mr Sherlock Holmes: [x]

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Waiting for John (‘Never more’)

- you may have noticed I like drawing sceneries with a falling snow - I did a similar one 3 years ago.

This picture captures Sherlock, being left once again by John. He’s wondering about the matters of death and life, hence the raven staring at him pointedly. However, the dawn’s slowly approaching and may bring new and positive things.