pencil characters

From original Hearteater.
After many-many years, lots and lots of scars (and deaths), these two finally live together. And they both really-really happy about it. What can be better than happily living and aging with your beloved one (and official husband? yay.)
Shawn and Clark at the viewpoint near Blacklake observatory.

Pencil and Prismacolor doodle of my OCs, Punch and Margot; done while listening to this song pretty much on repeat.
The faded effect of the flowers was achieved using a white opaque marker (I’m super thrilled with the end result)!

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Okay sorry for the long hiatus, school is trying to kill me XD
I drew a new OC (that I still have yet to name so any suggestions would be cool :3)
Hope you guys like her!

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Continuing the party! Here’s Juro- feral child hero of the Yellow Faction in Shardbound
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He’s a rascal- more in tune with his pack of wolflike Primals than with his human compatriots. He has the ability to transform into a powerful creature at will, and imbues his attacks with the magic that stems from the deep link he shares with his pack. Finding his design was a balancing act of cultural cues, story, and consistency with the level of tech in the world- we settled on this direction, based in cold environs, with armor tied thematically and literally to the Primal creatures for which the faction is known. A touch of Rufio and we have us a charming troublemaker and hothead. Not much I love more than working with characters that help to tell the story of the world and their culture through their design!


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This is a look at the concept development for Professor Mori- the blue faction hero, who uses two black-hole portals to cast spells and manipulate time and space I found ways to love all the factions and characters I’ve been priveleged to design for #Shardbound, but Blue Faction were especially easy for me to fall for. Timey-wimey little chaotic science cuties? I’m all about it!
Early concepts I came up with had portal-hats that functioned like a bottomless Mary Poppins-style bag, or (regrettably impractical) flowing constellation hair!