pencil chan

In our roleplay Jesse follows Reaper in Talon headquarters, hoping to make himself came back to normal, but he’s kidnapped by other ones of the organization.
Doomfist wants to kill him, but Sombra propose to brainwash him because he can be precious for their cause (even though she only wants to know the informations that Jesse has).
Even though Reaper doesn’t want, he’s obliged to do so (Even if he’s angry with Jesse, he still cares ‘bout him).
Hanzo goes to find him, fights with Ryūnosuke (Oc, he’s a talon too) and then he finds his cowboy…but he’s not the same.

Somebody make me feel alive and shatter me

Can I just say how much I love this game? I’ve been following its development since the days all girls were yandere chans xD
I wouldn’t have even dreamed of it becoming this amazing! Thank you, YandereDev, for taking the time and making the effort!! ❤

kindergarten!au with Seventeen

part 1 | part 2

Lee Seokmin / DK
-remembers everyone’s birthdays
-sings his classmate “happy birthday” when it’s their special day
-sings himself a lullaby before going to sleep in naptime but ends up singing in his sleep too
-still falls for all of jeonghan’s jokes

 Kim Mingyu
-has an imaginary friend named bongbong
-is the messiest but cleans up his messes right away
-another fingerpainting enthusiast
-art is his favorite subject and is surprisingly good at it
-tosun caretaker #2
-manages to always accidentally step on legos during playtime 

Xu Minghao / The8
-loves the sandbox the most but if you disturb him/knock down his sandcastles he’ll kick sand in your face
-pushes people down the slide
-everyone is afraid when he’s the “it” during tag
-the kid whose parents are called by his teacher often because of delinquent behavior
-already a skipping rope genius

 Boo Seungkwan
-bossy and sassy
-the teacher’s pet
-always recites even if he’s wrong
-tells everyone to fix their toys and clean up their messes
-stamp enthusiast
-picks flowers and gives them to the teacher

 Choi Hansol / Vernon
-another shy kid
-has an affinity with bugs he catches in the kindergarten yard
-practices talking with his classmates by talking to his bugs
-splashes in all puddles big or small
-chews his pencils 

Lee Chan / Dino
-doesn’t go anywhere without his stuffed toy dinosaur
-scared of the dark
-animal cracker enthusiast
-brings sweets but doesn’t share
-still sucks his thumb