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I think it’s really wild how teachers get an impression of you and they usually don’t change it - I was a really good student once and I’m still getting the same grades, even though I spend my time in class with putting office supplies on my face

The Girl With The Lion’s Mane

If one were to watch this scene from afar they would see a young woman sat beside a one giant, and opposite another. The sandy haired man whom sat across from the lady in question usually made his excuses to avoid trips to the library with his younger brother. His reasoning would always remain unchanged; starting with that there were never any women interested in him before turning towards the excuse of needing some alone time. This particular woman stood out from those who were overdosing on coffee doing assignments last minute, she was bent over the desk with her head nestled into the crook of her elbow. A black and yellow stripped pencil was balanced lightly between her thumb and index finger, the slender digits could be seen gliding through the air as her wrist flicked to create the delicate movements needed to form the intricate lines of her work. The youngest of the brothers had taken a liking towards the stranger; initiating conversation about the great masters – with Van Gogh serving as their current focus. Initially she had halted her work to hold the discussion but she quickly dipped her head again.

She had the most beautiful hair, brunette strands curling into large ringlets, the mane stopped at the base of her jaw. A teal sweater was accompanied by a small, silver, necklace which formed the shape of a turtle with an opal on its back. The sleeves stopped at the base of her thumb, particles of pencil discolouring the cuffs, shavings from her rubber caught within the material.  Her entire aura was one of a soft nature, the kind of quiet enthusiasm reserved for fairy-tale princesses.  Yet here she sat, an angel amongst men of great sin. The eldest of the brothers found her fascinating to watch whilst the youngest was drawn in by her words. It was when she reached out to the younger of the two, the tips of her fingers halting just before they reached the man’s burly shoulders, that both men became entranced.

There was something about her small stature against the 6 foot 3 giant beside her; and the way that she was just as large in presence as he was in height. The look of pure joy mirrored that of a cub as her eyes shone in anticipation. Muttering the man’s name as she reached her grand reveal; the image that she had placed before him was undeniably exquisite. She had captured the essence of her subject too unbelievable extents. The jaws of both men were stroking their laps causing the woman to giggle in response with her hand flying to her mouth. It was then that they realised; this was one woman they were never going to forget.

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“Rediscovering Balance”

Man oh man, I had this sketched out 3 weeks ago and just now got the chance to color it! *shakes head in disappointment
But anyways, I loved this episode so much (the hug!!!) and hopefully I’ll have time to do some more art for Rebels!

…How come Saturday seems so very far away. :(

I wish there was more fanart of Tsukiyama as a college student.

You know, like reclining in a chair and balancing a pencil on the bridge of his nose because he’s 100000% done with this paper he’s writing.

Or asleep at his desk amongst a pile of textbooks and notebooks because the three empty coffee cups nearby did nothing to keep him awake so he could study for a test.

Or getting lost on campus in his freshman year and trying to be cool, look cool, while he’s internally panicking.

Or slipping into one of the campus music rooms and screaming out his frustrations on the piano, because of not getting a perfect grade on a project.

Or napping on the train and clutching his backpack to his chest to use it as a makeshift headrest/cushion because he had an early a.m. class and was out late with Kaneki the night before and he has to meet up with Chie later for info, then go back to Kaneki’s place—and did he just miss his train stop.

Fiction Love - 1/3

I dedicate this to my queenie, @giupear for inspiring me to write this fic.

Lucy slouched back in her chair, it turning slightly at her movements; her pencil balancing on her top lip. She always enjoyed spending time at home but sometimes it got a little boring; especially when she was stuck down with a touch of good old writer’s block.

She could hear the page of a book turn, and she tilted her head back to see Natsu lying on the floor. 

She didn’t even bother asking what he was reading, he had grown accustomed to looking at the pictures in an encyclopaedia of Dragons that she had picked up at the Magnolia markets two weeks ago; and had no doubt in her mind that he was looking through it again. But she had to smile, at least he wasn’t messing with her things or rummaging through her fridge and she could easily turn around if she felt like she needed a conversation. And now was one of those moments.


He didn’t reply, his body not even flinching at her voice, it seemed he was perhaps actually reading the words today, since she now noticed he had the focus she often never saw his body wear in her own home.

This time she chose to speak up a little more, swirling to face his backside with her chair.


She saw him react to that one, his head moving a little.


“Are you hungry?”


She rolled her eyes at being told to wait by non other than the most impatient person she knew and admittedly did love, her hand clamping on the back of her chair as she actually did as he asked.

Only giving him a few moments, she spoke up again.

“Okay, I’ll go get us a sandwich.” She said, swirling to leave out the door, pushing her chair in under the desk and whipping her hair all in the process. If they had anything in the fridge, should could probably whip up something rather tasty, in the hopes that Happy wasn’t out there raiding it. She sighed, pushing the door open and moving into the tiled room itself; Happy curled up asleep on her couch. His hand rested on his tummy as he slept peacefully and she knew immediately that he had already taken a visit to her tins of fish. Fingers crossed that was the only thing he’d decided to take for his own.

Finally she yanked the fridge door open, only to be welcomed by all the food she had stocked up with two days ago, a soft smile lightening her face as she pulled out butter, cheese and ham; moving her arm to pluck some slices of bread from the bench top.

Though she froze half way when she realised something sitting on the wood surface; a book she had seen so often those past two weeks.

She put the food on the counter so that she could pick up the book about dragons and flip it over in her hands. So if this book was here, Natsu couldn’t possibly be reading it. But surely he wouldn’t find another book that would perk his interest unless he picked up one of her journals…

Her eyes widened in horror as she realised that would probably be the only thing to interest the pink haired mischief maker; practically tripping over.

Pushing her bare feet ahead on the wooden floor, she pulled her head around the frame of her bedroom door; peeking at the boy from afar. Even from this distance, he still looked thoroughly consumed in his reading, and she had a closer certainty that maybe that was a chapter of her own misfortunes and he could be intact reading about how she was feeling last wednesday.

No… what if he got to the juicy parts, her dark secrets that she wrote down just so that they could be pushed to the back of her brain, or her embarrassing thoughts that she wrote down just so she could grow a better understanding of how she was feeling on a certain day?!

She clamped her hand over her mouth as he could feel herself burning up; her tummy tingling from deciding what was best to do- tackle him and yank the book from him? Or perhaps quietly ask what he is reading? Or maybe just peek over and find out for herself and ask for it back…

But it was too late! There the pink mage shuffled upright, his back facing towards her, leaning forward so that he could place the book on the ground patiently; as if still lost in the world of words. Then she watched as he pressed his palms against the ground in order to stand up, turning to look at her with an almost angry expression.

She couldn’t help but shrink into the door way, had she written something offensive in her journal about him? As far as she could remember it was mainly whining about him making a mess or about how surprising lovely he looked that day. And that just made her blush more. Was it possible that he was mad she found him attractive? Did she find him attractive? Even now she found herself drawn to skin of his cheeks, the exposed arm with the guild mark on it and the way his muscles curved perfectly shaped- she shook her head, trying to focus on the situation. She was to be mad too, he had read her journal.

She gathered up the courage and moved out of the doorway to stand in front of him.


But before she could even finish saying his name, he bent back down and plucked the book back up to push it into her hands.

“Don’t you have the next volume, I need to know what happens with Layla and Kaito-”

Her eyes widened slightly, the excitement in his voice confusing her as she desperately tried to grasp at what was happening, and why those names sounded so familiar and finally she dragged her eyes down to the book in his hands.

One of her favourite manga series, a shoujo series about two wizards desperately in love but their two worlds are too different…

Her eyes gently looked up at him, slightly out of curiosity and surprise.

“You’re… reading… a love story?”

My "Charlie Charlie" Experience

As most of you are aware of, there’s this new trend called “Charlie Charlie” going around on Twitter. At first, I was skeptical, but soon gave in to try it for myself. This is my experience.

Like others who tried it, I grabbed the paper and drew two lines on it. Aftwards, I wrote in ‘yes’ in the opposite corners of where you were supposed to write. It was unintentional, but I figured Charlie wouldn’t care where you wrote in ‘yes’ and 'no’. I then balanced the pencils and began the chant:

Charlie Charlie,
Can we play?

To my surprise, the pencil turned to 'yes’. Great. This demon wants to play. So, I asked him if it was going to be a great game. Again, he said yes.

All of a sudden, a giant ass portal opens up where the paper was, and before me stood a goat-like demon wearing a sombrero. Behind him were a horde of smaller demons, holding pitch forks. They snarled at me, flashing their rotten teeth.

“Oh, this is going to be a great game,” Charlie said as he pulled an AK-47 and started to shoot at me. After watching the Matrix movies, I was a pro when it came to dodging bullets. Charlie was surprised at my skills, but he wasn’t done.

He sent his horde after me. I could just hear the shrieking of the demons as they were on a collision course with me. Luckily, I had my 12-Gauge next to me and I grabbed it.

“Viva la revolution,” I shouted as I started to blast the fuckers’ heads off, picking them out one-by-one. The number of them grew smaller as they began to retreat back into the portal. “Oh no you fucking don’t,” I said as I pulled out my grenade launcher and shot a grenade at those entering the portal. I could feel the splatters of warm blood hitting my face as I held the launcher over my shoulder, smirking.

I looked over at Charlie, who was baffled at what just happened. “I never had this happen before,” he said, showing how intrigued he was. I then told him to stay the night and we had tons of kinky sex that night.

That was my story of when I did the Charlie Charlie thing.