pencil and pen on paper


July 11 2017

Five months ago study buddy and I got together officially :’)

Here’s my attempt at a flat lay bc I love my stationery but haven’t put it to any use as I am still having a lazy summer…


The heat inside you is within your head, a brain like a wildfire and a touch to match. Don’t let your thoughts burn you alive, don’t let people tell you you’re too lively. After all, fire is alive. Unleash it, don’t cage it; it will destroy you.
And I know you own a touch of self destruction, but your fire is not to be dimmed. Don’t let the fire run over your skin and burn you alive, burns will fade but scars will stay. You’re lovable.

The earthy complexion of you is in your throat, your words are calm and your voice makes others find solace within. You easily lull others to sleep, a voice for the screens. Words may tumble of your lips so effortlessly, and earth is oh so rational but look out; earthquakes don’t come with a time ticket.

The air gushes within your arms. Light feather swift movements, an arm around a friends shoulders. You may balance your plates so well, but watch out for obstacles, you don’t want to drop it all. A hug from you may feel like a breeze, you bring solace with a shoulder brush.

Water runs through your hands, a pencil that you know a bit too well. Pen on paper for another soul wrenching piece, maybe your fingers stray the strings of a guitar. You are the rivers, but also the sea; you’re unpredictable and that’s what makes you so dangerously beautiful.

Your fire lies in your heart, conflagration. You burn and sow through forests of minds, don’t let anyone eliminate your spark. You’re a leader with twinkling eyes and vodka felt veins. A complexion of ancient treasure, don’t be so hard on yourself. You feel so much, don’t let the fire take you over, but don’t let anyone make it die.

You have earth in your stomach, hands that make dishes to fall in love with. You love food, your gut always tells you what you have to do. Listen, if your gut tells you that something is wrong than please, listen.

Air runs through your kidneys, salt and something to let go of. A harmonious cycle with other organs. You create harmony, you let things go. Don’t drink too much water, don’t let people influence you in what to do, salty tears will spill too much. Don’t make yourself stop crying, you will ache too much; let it go.

Water churns through the pelvis, a heated lover. A compassionate person, someone who needs affection and is intrigued with the dark underlaying nature of humans and human existence. Know you are never to be replaced, for it’s you who will kiss the eyelids of your lover. You trace outlines of constellations on freckles, and it may be imperfect but find someone who looks at you in a way that makes you think perfection isn’t needed, someone who looks at you like are enough. You are enough.

Fire swirls through your thighs, you have a wandering spirit with a mind that investigates every nook and cranny within your own world map. Your thighs are made to run, so travel, fall in love, and be heartbroken. Experience life, you’re worth the adventure. See it as a mission, and see yourself as goal. Find yourself, it’ll be your biggest travel of all.

Earthquakes churning through legs made to walk and hike mountains, you may not love sports but you are made to climb. Climb the obstacles and mountains of your life, you have to overcome it. Work hard. You’re enough.

Air swirls inside your ankles, your made to stand up. Stand up for yourself, for crowds, for others. Stand in front of people, tell your ideas. Stand up. You have a voice, don’t let it falter.

Your feet run on waters, a waterfront of imagination. Don’t run away from your problems love, yes your feet will carry you but you are not God. You need others, you can’t run forever, don’t get lost in your dreams to escape reality. Make reality so good you don’t want to sleep anymore. Live.

—  Elements in the zodiac

July 20 2017

I’ve been really busy doing all sorts of other things lately. I finally finished up my room at home and it’s exactly the way I like it and now I don’t ever want to go back to the dorms :( 9 weeks until we move back in though

Last night I told study buddy the entire story of the sexual harassment I went through during winter quarter (unfortunately) and it’s the first time I’ve reallllly looked back upon it in detail since it happened. I think I had a bad dream last night because I feel uneasy when trying to remember, but I can’t recall it. This kind of stuff sux and I really do not wish it upon anybody.

Random thought sometimes I wish I had a gold iPad and iPhone instead of the black ones I have lul


July 7 2017

I spent $200 to change just the hard drive thingie in my Macbook Pro (early 2011 model dude) because I think I’d rather keep this 10 pound baby rather than spend $1300+ for that new mac with like one earphone port and that’s all lol 

Started this bujo thing idk if I’ll even use it for school I just want to have something to express myself in again


How to do a sigil

Yes hello I am a Alex and this is a thing of how I do a witchcraft. If you do this a certain way feel free to not listen. If you don’t like the way I do it lit, donut do it this way :3 that is all

What is a sigil?

“an inscribed or painted symbol considered to have magical power.” -google
aka a digital or physical painting/drawing/craving/or anything with a design that is given a certain meaning by the person who made it.

What are sigils used for?

The maker draws a doodle (more or less) and charges it with their intent. 

Can anybody make one?

Anyone :3

How complicated does it have to be/look like?

It shouldn’t be that hard or pretty, as long as it pleases you it is fine

What materials do you gotta use?

Whatever you got. digital or physical. Paper and pencil/pen/blood/wax/anything - Wood drawing things/knife to carve
Literally a n y t h i n g

Do sigils have to be aesthetically pleasing?

Nope :3 just has to have meaning it you/someone you’re making it for

Do you have to be a witch to use sigils?

No you don’t. It’s up to you and your beliefs 

Where can you put sigils?

*cracks knuckles* Shoes, binders, behind phone cases, under tables, under chairs, on your nails with sharpies then put nail polish over it, in your car, in a pillow, draw them on yourself (thighs, stomachs, arms, whatever), clothes tags, out of ketchup on your food, literally anything and everything you can think of

Can I cut out a sigil for a keychain or somethin?

Yes, and you can put them on your alter, hang em in a car, etc 

Can you use sigils in spells?

Yes you can, just like tarot cards and oracle cards

Can you have two different sigils for the same thing?

Yes you can (ex.  if you have one for happiness, but want to make another one for happiness, you can draw a different design) (ex. 2- if you see someone make one to ward off depression and want to make one for the same reason, you can make one but with a different design)

How do you “activate” a sigil?

As soon as you draw it, it’s activated. However if you want to give it a little umph, you can bury them, burn them, submerge it in water, etc. If burning you can wafe (is that even a word) an object through the smoke to charge it with your intent

Are sigils used for cursing/hexing too?

Sure can be, up to you and your beliefs/craft

What all can you use sigils for?

Everything. happiness, good luck, help to study, anti*illness*, help your plants grow, help your phone battery last longer, help Kendall to not be a bitch, the list is endless

And finally, how do you a sigil?

  1. Understand what you want the sigil for, I would suggest a simple one at first so I’m going to explain how to do it for happiness
  2. Gather your resources, again I’m doing a easy one so I am going to “use” a pencil and paper
  3. Get in the mindset of the intent you are going for, so this one is happy. Maybe do some stretching before and clear your mind
  4. Now that you’re all razzle dazzled in a happy mood, close you eyes and thing, what shape in happiness to you right in that moment. Do you thing it’s a bunch of lines or even as simple as a heart? Thing about it
  5. Now if you have trouble with step 4 (like I do, ADHD is a lil bitch) play some music that makes you happy or a movie. Does Frozen make you happy? Maybe draw a lil snowflake
  6. Now as fun as it is to draw an elaborate sigil, remember, this can go into your Grimoire or BoS for you to copy onto other things 

The most important thing now,

Magic requires consent

Please don’t put “Make Justin love me”

Instead you can put “Attract someone who would love me that has the same traits as Justin”

Stay safe beans and happy sigiling!

(is that a word)


July 6 2017

Yesterday I got this new pencil case that is the epitome of my summer so far lol. I’ve been planning my classes for he next four years (scared) and I should be graduating in exactly 12 quarters without needing summer classes (might die tho).



4.1.17 // I couldn’t resist taking a couple minutes last night to document the amazing sunset outside my window. It felt good to just pick up some colored pencils and pens and not worry about making anything perfect or even impressive. I need to do that more often!


July 9 2017

It’s 90 degrees I can’t do anything lol

Yesterday I put in a new SSD for my early 2011 Macbook Pro (I put in a Samsung EVO 850 500GB for any techies out there) and WOowoWOwoWOwOW THIS THING IS SO FAST what a success AND IT ONLY COST ME $222 (in contrast to $1300+ for a new mac)

doesn’t help with the bulkiness or heaviness or lame battery life but I love my little macbook I love the keyboard and the disc drive and the TWO USB ports and all the other ports that I don’t rlly know the function of but I’m appreciative of them 


“Be At Peace” Spell

For some the world around them has gone to shit it seems and they deserve peace. This spell will help those be at peace but do also try to talk to someone. A therapist or a friend you can trust.

Originally posted by merci-angel

What You’ll Need

  • A song that makes you feel at peace
  • Headphones/ear buds
  • A small bowl
  • Rose Quartz
  • Dried Rose petals
  • Pencil/Pen
  • Paper
  • Salt Water
  • Your tears (if you can cry)
  • Pink candle

What To Do

  • Put your headphones/ear buds on/in and start your song.
  • Write your happiest memories on pieces of paper and place them into the bowl.
  • Crumble your rose petals into the bowl and place the rose quartz in.
  • Pour your salt water in to cleanse.
  • Then drip the pink wax into the bowl and, if you can, cry into the bowl. 
  • Put your finger in the bowl and circle clockwise, say/think “While the world around me may seem cold, I may grow into a rose. My beauty and love for others and others’ love for me will get me through.”
  • Blow out your candle and set pour the bowl of water outside your front door to let only positive energies come in.