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In which I am trash and have other things to be doing but this picture ruined me. Vague student!au Jonsa drabble. 

Water. He needs water. His first conscious thought of the day is an immediate plea for hydration, because goddamnit, his throat feels like the Sahara and his tongue tastes like something has curled up and died there. Wincing against the slight swimming feeling in his head, Jon stumbles out of his bed and staggers down the corridor to the small bathroom. Sticking his head under the cold tap and gulping at the water helps some, but mostly all it does is soak his long hair and make him feel vaguely sick. He crawls back to his bed, defeated, only now just taking in the state of destruction his room is in. His debit card and student ID are flung on the floor, and his nice pressed suit from the day before is crumpled in a pile at the foot of his bed. His wallet he finds under his desk and when he opens it a few pennies and twenty pence pieces drop out onto the carpet, but nothing more. Groaning, Jon fishes out his phone from under his bed covers and tries to piece together his night out.

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So that´s my first “art post” ever and i am not good with words… but anyway, me and @i-am-overwatch-trash jokingly started calling each other twins because we have so much in common and we started thinking: What if 76 had a twin sister? Like, a partner to help him beating up bad guys asses? So I HAD to draw it, and since I liked the result a lot, i’m posting it ^-^ haha ( i might have been threatened by someone too, RIGHT HAILEY? I’m joking…. or am I not? xD) 

Hey, guys. I’m back to track again after moving to another apartment. Man, moving is so exhausting and stressful! And it’s unbelievable how much stuff we accumulate over the years. But anyway, here’s a commission I’m working right now. I’ll show the finished art soon. 😉
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I posted a video on my Instagram of me doing my art today in case you wanted to see it. A lot of people ask about how I do my art since I’m disabled and I can’t use my hands, so here you go.

Here’s the progress on my henna tattoo piece of art. The book is leaning back a little bit so the angle of the picture is a little strange. I worked on the eye and started the nose while I was outside today. I did the eye without my reference photo, because it was inside the house, so that eye is all me.