So I have begun to draw again. This is @tomjemmings for @kookookarli’s 177(6) Verse. Hope you both like it! It’s very rough - like 20mins? I would normally spend an hour on it at least so I’m really sorry. I just have to run to dinner with my family.

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some weird zootopia idea that I had in my head of the rabbits of bunny borrow had a scary campfire story of a monster that kidnap children of all species and take their organs so it an continue living. every year he takes 7 bunny children’s hearts, mostly a scary story to get children to go to sleep on time and not stay up 

but the truth is the monster is a scientist who believed they ascended to a new level of evolution, being more then a predator or a prey since he no longer identifies as either. now forever bound in a custom made scuba-suit where he hosts the stolen organs. he continues his scientific pursuits and as time os by his sanity wanes

so lil judy confronting the monster and ask what he is, only to receive the reply “i am a scientist” 

not going to go any further with this its got nowhere to go with this


I posted a video on my Instagram of me doing my art today in case you wanted to see it. A lot of people ask about how I do my art since I’m disabled and I can’t use my hands, so here you go.

Here’s the progress on my henna tattoo piece of art. The book is leaning back a little bit so the angle of the picture is a little strange. I worked on the eye and started the nose while I was outside today. I did the eye without my reference photo, because it was inside the house, so that eye is all me.


Here’s a side by side of the henna tattoo art I’ve been working on today. I started at noon. It was twenty till five when I stopped for the day and I only did her hand, which still needs a few finishing touches. I haven’t even started on her face or hair. But I’m going cross eyed because I do art with the pencil in my mouth (I’m disabled if you’re new here) so I need to stop and rest my eyes. My vision is literally blurred right now. My respect for henna artists has gone through the roof today. Y'all are the MVPs of the art world. (The reference photo I’m using was found on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Instagram account. I love their makeup but I can’t afford it.)

On top of the World

A scene from my Nogitsune/Yako masked!Tadashi AU that couldn’t leave my head.

I feel like this scene would happen just after Tadashi is done with a stealth mission. Maybe it was something boring like collecting codes, or giving a warning; a mission with no murder. He’d be jittery from bloodlust so he’d be searching for a hunt, something he can draw out long enough to his satisfaction.

He’d perch somewhere high up, somewhere that would give him a good vantage point so he could look for prey. Then he spots the purple short one from Big Hero 6 flying around on the red robot. The two had their guard down and he thinks he could have some fun with them. He’d draw his katana (not the one in his arm. That one was for special occasions), planning to leap up onto the red robot when it came close enough, when he spies a really familiar face behind the purple helmet.

He goes still when he realises.

Hiro was just done with a mission himself and was goofing off by flying around San-Fransokyo and enjoying the sights. He’d be flying around the business district when he spies a white figure perched on one of the buildings out of the corner of his eye. When he turns to look, there’d be no one there.

However, from then on, Hiro would always feel like he was being watched during his hero duties and sometimes even a little while after. But sometimes, Hiro would catch a flash of white dancing at the edge of his vision.

Tadashi would file the information away for later. He would wonder how he’d missed this. Big Hero 6 had clashed with the Fujitas before, albeit in such a small scale that he wasn’t even involved. Still, he couldn’t deny that his interest was peaked.

Investigating Big Hero 6 would be one of the first missions he kept from the Fujitas.


Kuroo and Tsukishima practice

Bonus owls joining the cat in bugging the poor young crow

Sans and Papyrus Song - An Undertale Rap by JT Machinima “To The Bone”  is frigging awesome and kicked me in the ass to sketch this up, loved the semi menacing vibe it gave off (also the way they use sans puns into the song is awesome) 

decided to just take a photo of the sketch cause i can’t be stuffed to colour it