penchant for guns

There are five (5) types of Zeref popular in fanfiction!

*note that this is done in good humor. If you at all consider being a dick and sending me a message, here’s a thought: don’t.

1) Final Boss Zeref. He’s been constantly brought up throughout the fic (canon divergent or AU, typically crime based), but doesn’t show up until the very end. Usually not related to Natsu. Probably kills people for the fun of it. His entire personality is essentially an old school mafia boss, just without the penchant for guns and hookers. Has beef with the Heartfilia’s and likely murdered Layla. Much like in canon, his strength and terribleness has been built up throughout the story, but his actual villain-ness isn’t up to par with expectations. Smirks too much. Has others do his dirty work for him. Probably doesn’t die at the end, just slips into the shadows to wreak havoc another day.

Sometimes included, but not required:

  • In AUverse he may be a rival of Jude Heartfilia, and (depending on the story), may be used as some sort of catalyst for a Romeo and Juliet esque relationship for nalu.
  • Zeref may or may not be super important to the plot. Half the time he won’t actually show up.

2) Big Brother Zeref: AKA high school!AU Zeref. Natsu’s brother. His only role in the story is to be the stereotypical older brother. Not important to the plot other than to give life/girl advice to Natsu. Probably dating Mavis. Not as prevalent as the other Zerefs, but he has his moments. Broness can be taken to cringy levels, but generally a decent guy.

Sometimes included, but not required:

  • ??? idk he’s just kind of there sometimes ???

3) Woobified Zeref. Is basically canon!Zeref if he had done nothing wrong. A cupcake. Cinnamon roll too good too pure. Perfect father/husband/brother. Sweet summer child. Fanon has thrown up all over him. He is a precious baby that could never do anything bad. Ever. Could drown a small animal in a well and he would be thanked for it. The crigiest Zeref.

Sometimes included, but not required:

  • Literally isn’t even in fics half the time. This is just what fanon Zeref has become. The fangirls think he’s cute and have to make up excuses for why he can’t do anything wrong.
  • Actually threatens to murder people, but !!!

4) Well-rounded villain Zeref. Canon divergent. May have a good reason for the bad things he does, but this doesn’t overshadow him being the villain. Is consistent with his motivations/actions. What canon Zeref could have been if Mashima hadn’t wavered back and forth between making him super sympathetic yet also the most evil wizard in existence. Featured in both canon and AUverse fics, though is more common in canonverse. 

Sometimes included, but not required:

  • Is the rare golden Zeref found once in every 100 fanfics, but only if they’re 50+ chapters in length. Good luck finding him.

5) Mostly Canon Zeref. Hyped at the beginning of the story, a constant presence whose motivations are secret. The suspense is amazing and leaves the readers wanting to know more. Isn’t introduced until roughly half-way through the story, but it is very brief. Starts appearing more throughout the story. The more you learn about him, the less you understand the overall plot or his motivations. Kills/hurts people, but this is overlooked because he has a bad past (this is not taken to the extreme of woobified Zeref, however). Has too many connections to other characters to the point it becomes obnoxious. Characterization is inconsistent af

Sometimes included, but not required:

  • ???

[ time in a bottle ]

He waits.

It’s not something he’s unaccustomed to. Not with Harry. Not with any of them, really. He’s sat at his fair share of bedsides over the years, what with James’ penchant to go in guns blazing and Martin’s ability to keep injuries under wraps until he returned.

That’s not to say he has to like any of it. 

There’s a reason he’s not got any hair left.

Still, this is a different sort of wait than the rest. He’d come to Kentucky expecting to bring a body home to bury only to find that the body in question was lying in a hospital bed in South Glade County Hospital; living, breathing, very much alive.

Merlin has been here three days and still Harry hasn’t woken. But that’s alright. Healing will take time. He’s lucky to be alive, after all. Merlin is willing to be as patient as need be because all this waiting is a sight better than the alternative. He could sit and watch the rise and fall of Harry’s chest for weeks, if only because he knows that there is the eventuality of waking at the end of it.

“I know you prefer to be fashionably late, but this is really beginning to push it, don’t you think?” Merlin says to the slumbering man. “Everyone’s expecting you.”

He starts when, for the first time since he’d arrived, Harry stirs at the sound of his voice. Rising hesitantly from his seat, he holds Harry’s hand in his own, his voice quiet as he gently coaxes the former Galahad towards waking. At last, he’s greeted with soft brown eyes gazing up at him blearily.

“Harry,” he says, unable to keep the grin off his face. “Welcome back.”

“Harry,” the other man croaks, his brow creasing in a frown. “That’s not the name I… it’s not the one I remember.”

“The one you remember?”

“Yes. I remember ‘Merlin.’ It’s… that’s important,” Harry says, his voice a dry rasp. “I don’t… remember a Harry. Is that mine? The way you said it…”

They say that if something seems to good to be true, it probably is. Staring back at Harry’s confused face, Merlin has never been more certain of that fact than he is now. Steeling his emotions, he squeezes Harry’s hand and fits a smile back on his face.

“Yes, Harry is yours. Why don’t you tell me what you remember?”

The more they talk, the more evident it becomes that Harry hardly remembers anything at all. This is not the happy reunion he’d expected, but if it means having Harry back, Merlin will do whatever it takes. They can work with this. He squeezes Harry’s hand and gets a hesitant squeeze in return. They can to this. It won’t be easy, but then, the course of true love never did run smooth.