☠the network for puck rockers who like whiny screaming and the tiny singer man that is frank iero ☠

How To Get In:

(Note: this is all ages but if you have problem with this say so in the form)

  • be rad 
  • Respect pronouns/identities
  • Respect + tag triggers
  • Follow most of the other members in the network
  • Track #penceyprepnet for the results!
  • make awesome friends
  • place on the network page
  • kik/skype group chats, CAH games
  • followers, reblogs, promos etc.
  • get to talk about frank 24/7
  • 25 (ish) winners will be picked + notified (more or less) in 1 month!
  • Applications close on 16th March
  • If you have any questions/problems message me

I think that’s it! If you don’t want to be in the network, i’d appreciate it if you signal boosted this. Thank you!

actionway asked:

Heyy I'm sorry that's not really rad of me but I forgot if I applied to the network ?? Bc I follow you all but I'm not sure if I filled the form ?? Sorry to bother you but is there a way I could know ?

it’s cool. i just checked and yes you already applied ^-^