hey there is a twitter account called “Blurrysafe” that is kinda like a safe house, if you will, for the people who want to be updated about what’s going on with Blurryface twitter account but are being triggered by the capital letters, misspellings, general unreality aspect seeming to be with the Blurryface account. Blurrysafe tweets what is happening on the Blurryface account without all the misspellings, capital letters, unreality, and sporadic videos/pictures.

this is the link. i think this is a great idea because i can see where the Blurryface tweets all might be overwhelming, possibly triggering, and making people feel uncomfortable. this will be good so those people can still know what’s going on without reading the actual Blurryface tweets.

reblog this so that other people will know that this is a thing and they don’t need to be triggered anymore to stay in the loop!