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I appreciate what you said about frank so so so much. People don't understand that a people in a heterosexual relationship can be queer. So thanks, because people tend to think is queer folk have to be in a homosexual relationship to be valid/ have a valid relationship.

yea man it’s lame :( i’m not jsut pulling shit out of my ass/thin air here like frank is bi at the very least and his relationship with jamia has no effect on his sexuality at all.

personally, from what i can see, frank was more open about it before mcr? like i’m sure that all of his friends know and like jamia definitely knows but like he felt ok to write songs about it for pencey and i think that’s cause it was a much smaller thing. i think once he joined mcr and they got bigger he was more quiet about it. because he was with jamia and knew that they wee gonna be together forever and i feel like he probably thought if he was open about his sexuality people would like try to challenge him on it, like either say that he wasn’t really bi because of jamia OR try to say that his marriage was like invalid cause he’s not straight so he kept quiet about it. so i think that that’s why we don’t see any obvious man-love lyrics after pencey. but it’s still there frank is just as gay as ever and i love him.