prompts for journaling!!!

1. Do you want to be fluent in a language
2. Describe your favorite flower and how it makes you feel
3. What spice brings back the most memories?
4. Describe your crushes face using metaphors of nature and the night sky
5. Where do you want to live?
6. If you could change one thing about your life what would it be?
7. Describe what it’s like to be scared of (insert fear) how does it make you feel? Why are you afraid of it?
8. If you were a chinchilla what would you look like? (chinchillas are gr9!!)
9. What are your favorite colors? Make lists of where you can find them in nature and around your house
10. Describe the sound of your best friends voice
11. Who’s attention do you crave most? What happens if you can’t get it?
12. How does depression/anxiety/other mental illness impact your daily life? How do you cope?
13. Describe a loved ones laugh
14. Write a letter to someone who you care a lot about. Don’t send the letter. Be honest and say everything you’ve ever wanted to tell them
15. Write about what it’s like lay and bed and have no thought, to be zen and at peace. If you’ve never been at peace, ask yourself what is stopping you?

I hope these helped!! Let me know if you want another one!


December 21,2015 - new journal
I don’t promise to write everyday or even every week. I will have monsoon writing seasons and drought writing times. Thought I do promise that when those monsoon seasons arrive, I will flood these pages with the beautiful written word. When times of drought are prominent, I promise that these pages will thirst strongly for ink. That is my promise because that is how, with past journals, I have learned how writing inspiration comes to me.
So both forgive and thank me in advanced. And please don’t take it personally. Though I do have a goal of one day filling this journal with the breathing of my heart, I cannot guarantee how long that will take.


Calligraphy drills by @kingblottothethird 🌟💯 - Montblanc Lavender Purple ink flows stunningly in the vintage Waterman’s Ideal 52. On Tomoe River stationery, the experience is exceptional. 🔥🔥🔥✒👑❤👌

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From the studio of Teacher Tom Babbey…

“I had the amazing opportunity to work on part of the concept push for the recently released Volo’s Guide to Monsters. Here’s my take on a Rothe, envisioned as a mount for the northern orc tribes. As I was working remotely and wasn’t in house to banter about the critters as I concepted them, I included notes for the team on what I was thinking. It was a blast trying to come up with a mount beefy enough for the orcs that @tylerjacobsonart designed.”

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