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I’ve read a lot of articles and tweets, and watched a lot of post match analysis and reactions to Barca’s historic comeback. What really gets on my nerves is the reviews on Messi! There were a lot of “who needs him?” “Worst player on the pitch” “He did nothing in this game.”

Excuse me. He’s Lionel Messi. Just by being on the pitch he gives Barca the edge.

Yes, PSG surrounded him with three to four players almost all the time. But that mean, space was given to our other forward. There were defenders preoccupied with watching Messi that they gave players like Busi more options to pass to and gave Neymar and Rafinha more space on the flanks.

He scored the first penalty.
He along with the rest of the team never gave up.
He made the pass that lead to the second penalty (the fifth goal.)
He pointed at Neymar and told him to take it knowing that Neymar was on fire.

If Barca had to choose, in any game, especially a game like this of having him on or off the pitch…

You bet your ass Barca wants him on the pitch.


I am so glad he finally got a chance to show some of his skills. He said he had practised that trick, and well as you see, it gained him a goal back then too.


2016-17 Goals Game 12/82 (vs Dallas Stars)

Goal 1: Toews
Goal 2: Hartman (on a delayed penalty)
Goal 3: Kane (Powerplay Goal)
*Game Notes* - Anisimov’s point-streak increases to 10 games, thanks to an assist on Kane’s goal*
(as of 11.8.16…I read they credited the first goal of this game to Toews instead of Panik)

So a couple of weeks ago, I got called a ‘puck bunny’ because I was wearing my gally jersey while skating, and I said hockey players are cute…bro, I’ve been a hockey fan my whole life, my habs are my everything, I scream at my television, and get mad over stupid plays, goals, penalties, and more. Like what the hell, I’m not a puck bunny. I’m no where near being one. I have gone to all of my younger sisters games, tournaments, and watched my cousin who is a goalie play. I spend more time at the rink than at home. Hockey is my everything and I’m never EVER been a puck bunny!!! And can I just say i have been to my first NHL game ever this weekend. RANT DONE

Polish Football Vocabulary

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stadion (m) - stadium
boisko piłkarskie (n) - football pitch
narożnik (m) - corner
murawa (f) - turf
nawierzchnia (f) - pitch
pole karne (n) - penalty area
punkt rzutu karnego (m) - penalty spot
pole bramkowe (n) - goal area
linia (f) - line
linia boczna (f) - sideline
linia środkowa (f) - half0way line
linia pola karnego (f) - centre line
linia bramkowa (f) - goal line
bramka (f) - goal
siatka (f) - net
poprzeczka (f) - crossbar
słupek (m) - goal post
tablica wyników (f) - scoreboard
trybuna (f) - stand
miejce (na trybunach) (n) - seat
bilet (m) - ticket
ławka (f) - bench
ławka rezerwowych (f) - substitutes’ bench
piłka (f) - ball
gwizdek (m) - whistle
koszulka (f) - shirt
strój (m) - kit
spodenki (pl) - shorts
nagolennik (m) - shin guard
korki (pl) - football boot
piłkarz (m) - footballer
bramkarz (m) - goalkeeper
obrońca (m) - defender
napastnik (m) - striker
pomocnik (m) midfielder
kapitan (m) - captain
drużyna (f) - team
drużyna narodowa (f) - national team
reprezentacja (f) - representation
przeciwnik (m) - opponent
sędzia / arbiter (m) - refree
trener (m) - coach
widz (m) - spectator
kibic (m) - supporter
ustawienie (n) - formation
pozycja (f) - position
atak (m) - attack
rzut rożny (m) - corner
rzut karny (m) - penalty kick
rzut wolny (m) - free kick
rzut autowy (m) - throw-in
gol (m) - goal
gol samobójczy (m) - own goal
spalony (m) - offside
żółta kartka (f) - yellow card
czerwona kartka (f) - red card
rozgrzewka (f) - warm up
mecz (m) - match
pierwsza połowa (f) - first half
druga połowa (f)  - second half
przerwa (f) - halftime
dogrywka (f) - extra time
ćwierćfinał (m) - quarter-final
półfinał (m) - semi-final
finał (m) - final
faworyt (m) - front runner
prowadzenie (n) - leadership
przewaga (f) - advantage
remis (m) - draw
porażka (f) - loss
wygrana (f) - win


grać - play
dobrze grać - play well
źle grać - play badly
biegać - run
kopać - kick
podawać - pass
prowadzić piłkę - drive the ball
ominąć - break away
przejąć - tack
kryć - mark
faulować - foul
główkować - head
chybić - miss
łapać - catch
bronić - defend
blokować - block
atakować - attack
kiwać - dribble
strzelać - shoot
powoływać - call up
zmieniać - substitute
kibicować - support
dopingować - cheer on
strzelić gola - score a goal
rozpocząć mecz - kick off

Okay so I created the list of polish vocabulary that might be useful while talking about football due to Euro 2016 starting today. I hope everything is correct. I had to consult everything with Google, so sorry for potential mistakes in advance.