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Habla con alguien para distraerte, ve videos chistosos, escucha música animada, ve películas chistosas (¿Has visto The Millers? es tan buena xD) 

Nikko Jenkins is no stranger to the criminal justice system, first entering it at the age of 7 when he decided to take a loaded handgun to school. By the age of 12, he had committed a number of assaults, one using a knife. In 2003, when Jenkins was aged 15, he was imprisoned following two armed carjackings. After receiving two extra charges whilst in prison, for being involved in a riot and for assaulting a guard, Jenkins’ total sentence was 21 years.

On July 30, 2013, Jenkins was released, having only served half of his sentence. Less than 2 weeks later, Jenkins had committed a random double-murder in Omaha, Nebraska, shooting
both Juan Uribe-Pena and Jorge C. Cajiga-Ruiz in the head. The bodies were found in a pick-up truck parked by a swimming pool. These killings marked the beginning of Jenkins’ 10 day spree. 8 days later, in the early hours of August 19, the body of Curtis Bradford was found outside a detached garage with two bullet wounds to his back. Bradford had met Jenkins in prison and the two had posted a picture together on Facebook just a day before the murder. On August 21, Andrea Kruger became Jenkins’ fourth and final victim. She was been shot dead as she travelled home from work.

On August 30, Jenkins was arrested on an unrelated charge. However, authorities had linked him to the four murders and he soon confessed, claiming that Apophis, an Egyptian snake god, had asked him for “human sacrifices.” Despite a psychiatrist determining that Jenkins was faking psychotic symptoms, throughout his trial he continued to maintain that he had acted in the name of Apophis. He was found guilty of all four murders on April 16, 2014.

Whilst awaiting sentencing, Jenkins carved ‘666’ and ‘Satan’ into his face, sliced his tongue down the middle and mutilated his penis in an attempt to make it resemble the snake god Apophis. His defence insisted this was clear evidence that he was suffering from psychosis. However, it was ruled that Jenkins knew right from wrong at the time of the killings and he was sentenced to death in May, 2017, as well as receiving an additional 450 years imprisonment on weapons charges in relation to the murders.