Did a little yard work the other day, pulling out some plants from the garden that are done producing like my tomatoes and squash.  While out there I noticed one of my other dahlias actually bloomed.  I didn’t think it would get a chance to bloom.  I still have a bunch of other dahlia buds that haven’t blossomed yet though.

I drove out to Mukilteo for something and decided while I was there to stop at the lighthouse and take a few pics with my new E-PM1 from Olympus for the Pen Ready project.  The weather was fairly nice the whole way there but as soon as I got close to the lighthouse the rain was pouring down.  I got out of my car and ran up to the fence of the lighthouse took about 6 shots then ran back to the car.  This is a 2 exposure HDR hand held in the rain and processed in Photomatix.