Hi! I’m Keylime!

I experimented with animating in a different way, and its a pain in the ass (do not recommend). Only used Photoshop to animate this time, and the pen/shape tool was killing my computer. It made a weird jittery effect to some of my frames..meh. I really got to get toon boom, that would save so much time ahh!!

Thanks again to karlhadrika for lending me his magical voice :D

anonymous asked:

i wanted to ask!! what are your current sai brush settings and what art supplies do you use for your traditional art? :O


1. yeah i use this brush ALLOT when it comes to sketching and sometimes linearting and colouring. it’s just normal pen tool but with ‘noise’ and ‘guacheWater’ brush texture. i used this to lineart and colour the lines to bh6 and gravity falls art that’s shown

2. i use this to erase some of the lineart and so on. i switch from (simple circle) and no texture allot.

3. use this sometimes.. such as the big hero 6 art that’s shown up there. (i used overlay layer on the drawing with black to make it more sharper)

flat brush (square brush) can be found here
brush textures can be found here

my traditional art supplies:

1. sakura pen 005
2. uni-ball signo (white)
3 & 4. unipin fineline (0.1, 0.5 mostly the 0.1)
5. pelikan fineliner (to sketch)
6. 4B-6B pencils it varies.
7. water colour pad (180 g) A5 and A4

(these are not listed here but..)
8. pentel watercolour brushpen 
9. watercolour set ( lefranc & bourgeois)
10. promarkers to cor my messy sketches.

رسمه بن توليه طازجة ^^


إذا كان صديقك مثل النظارة يزيد رؤيتك وضوحاً فتمسك به وإن كان مثل غطاء النوم للعيون يرى كل شيء أسودا فتجنبه

د. جاسم المطوع

derektemple asked:

What type of outline brush do you use for comics such as Pizza Man? And your little individual daily icons? If you choose to leave this a mystery I'll respect that.

There’s no mystery here Derek, it’s actually pretty simple stuff here’s a tutorial I created for my students, that explains the process.
PS: I also use this to explain the pen tool, but you can just use it like a regular brush.

Ice King is my most favorite character in Adventure Time. You can’t tell if he’s really evil or just stupid or just a man who wants to be loved. Like him, I like princesses, of course here in the real world that means pretty and smart girls.

Again—like the Ice King—I am rejected, unloved and left emotionally bruised.

Ice King has gunther, I have my pc.