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New Pen Pal Blog ✉️🖊

Hello everyone! I’ve created a new blog called @veganpen-pals specifically for the vegan community to connect with other vegans whether in the form of letters or even through email/social media. I had been working on it for a while and finally decided to share it. I wanted to create this blog to help vegans connect with someone who shares veganism as well as other interests in common. Feel free to check it out!

Eva (16) and Christine Lee (?), two penpals of Richard Ramirez being interviewed on the Sally Jessy Raphael show, get into a physical altercation when Christine back-hands Eva’s face (3:45). Another guest who was backstage at the time (Hart Fisher) said that after the camera cut, Christine continued to “beat the ever-loving crap out of that little girl” by grabbing Eva by her hair and punching her repeatedly. Eva’s father was in the audience, watching and grinning as this happened. Afterwards, Christine Lee fled before the authorities were called to arrest her for assault and battery. 

ID #35534

Name: Luca
Age: 17
Country: USA

Hello! My name is Luca. I’m from a very small town in Midwestern U.S. I’m looking for a penpal because I would like to have ssomeone to talk to. You see, I have Social Anxiety, which makes it very difficult for me to form lasting friendships. I’m hoping to name a friend.

Here are a few things about me:

-I’m Transgender.

- I don’t usually watch TV, but I occasionally enjoy an anime, K-drama (slowly getting into them), Supernatural and Sherlock.

- I love Dogs, Dance (mostly ballet), yoga and running.

-I’m a senior in high school and I plan on majoring in Psychology.

-My favourite pastime is learning languages (I’m learning Spanish and Danish)

-I hope to study abroad in 2020.

-My favourite school subjects are Biology, Earth Science, Sociology, Psychology and Foreign languages.

Preferences: Age: Preferably 14-20. I’d like to stay close to my age.

Country: No preference :)

Gender: No preference

Please don’t be racist, sexist, anti-lgbt etc.

I’d prefer to talk through Tumblr or email at first, and if we become closer, Snail mail and / text.

I don’t mind if your English isn’t the best, or if you’re religious (I’m not personally but I’m definitely not going to hate on you for being so), all I hope is that along with the No’s listed above, is that you be open minded :)

Im Alex, 20, Taurus, US.

I haven’t made a new friend since freshman year of high school. So Im looking to see if I can find either one or a few internet buds! I’ve got trouble speaking to most people IRL, but online I can actually get my thoughts across!

My hobbies include drawing, playing the legend of zelda, indulging in anime, and working- ha.
I listen to all kind of music from jrock to rap, along with playing a couple instruments myself.
I can appreciate any sound, so do send me your musical suggestions.

My asks and DM’s are always open!

Im always interested in learning about different cultures ✨

Hello! I’m Christian and I’m 23 years old. I currently live on the east coast in the USA. I go to school in Florida and I’m a double major in Political Science and Economics!! So that’s fun! I’ve followed pen pal blogs for around 5 years now, so I thought it was about time I finally submit something. 

I’m interested in quite a few things such as true crime ( reading, watching, etc. real life criminal cases), journaling, traveling (the airport is one of my favorite places to be besides my bedroom), trying new food, and WINE! I’m obsessed with television shows such as grey’s anatomy, the walking dead, survivor, big brother, & american horror story. I love odd and unusual things so if you ever feel like you’re too weird, trust me your not :P I don’t want to say too much so I’ll stop while I’m ahead.

My preference for a pen pal is honestly anyone. I’m open to communicating with any gender, race, religion etc. I’m a pretty open minded person.

I always have my phone next to me because I can’t live without it haha. So feel free to message me on:

tumblr: 07-10-95

snapchat: cc018x

I don’t feel comfortable giving out my email address because of spam. But if you’re more comfortable with email just message me and we can exchange emails. If we both feel like this could be a great friendship I’d love to start sending snail mail and small gifts. I look forward to talking!


I’m Kai! I’m 17, she/her and I’m looking for a pen pal in the US, in case we eventually decide to do snail mail! I like Cooking, baking, writing, and theatre.
I also enjoy super corny jokes and Dungeons and dragons. Basically, I’m a gigantic nerd. I’m also a lesbian, if that’s something you’re uncomfortable with.
To communicate, we could email, DM, or Skype, if you want. I’m not on tumblr super often, though.
If we wanna do snail mail, eventually, I’d love to send Care Packages with stuff like cookies and tea and little handmade things. So, yeah my pen pal blog that I made for this is @ramblingpenpal if you wanna DM me.
I look forward to hearing from y’all!

ID #65572

Name: Ellie
Age: 16
Country: UK

I’m from London, I’m 16 and I’d love to have someone to talk to all the time.
I’m really into TV shows like Game of Thrones, Greys Anatomy, Steven Universe, and pretty much any other show you can ask about. I also like reading, sports and I guess I’m really into music (basically all genres). I also play the ukulele and I’m trying to learn a bit of guitar.
I’m really into physics and maths but I don’t really know what I want to do yet.
If you want to chat about any of this or anything at all with me then that’s cool! If you want to know anything else just ask

Preferences: Anyone from around 15-18 is great, but a bit above or below is cool. I’m fine with anyone no matter what sexuality or gender or anything else, and I hope you are too!

ID #95623

Name: Sojeong
Age: 18
Country: South Korea

Hello Everyone
I’m Korean and 18 years old.
I graduated high school this February.
Studying for university now.
I’m looking penpals for 13-30 years old.
My favorite
-kpop 🎵twice🎵
-pop song /Ed sheeran
-snail mail/postcard
-coloring book

If you interest me, message me

Preferences: 13-30 years old

✓ ID #51877

Name: Scott
Age: 19
Country: Ireland

hey! decided I want penpals, even bought really cute tape:))

So yeah, I’m Scott, 19 from Ireland, looking for some penpals because I think its super cute, I’m really interested in photography (I shoot Nikon) and I watch a lot of shows, my favourite being supernatural.

I would love snailmail, but I’m okay with just talking online too :) hope to hear from you c:

Preferences: I’d prefer to talk to a female but a guy would be okay too if we vibe:) any age is okay I’m not picky!


Name: Viktor
Age: 20
Country: Germany

Hello, my name is Viktor, I’m 20 years old and from Germany.

Like basically everyone I listen to music (right now especially to Shinedown, Imagine Dragons, Sabaton etc.).
I also watch anime (I’m madly in love with Great Teacher Onizuka I also love Naruto) and many series (like GoT, Archer etc.).
My other hobbies are gaming and reading(although the former supresses the latter one quite a bit).
I’m planning on becoming a history teacher so I’m really into history. I’m very interested in the modern period starting with the Renaissance. But I’m also a big fan of the Roman Empire and ancient civilisations in general. I would love to find someone with whom I could brag about history in generall but also about, stupid things people did and about alternate history.
Otherwise I’m interested in politics, philosophy, psychology, cultures and the world itself. I’m sort of addicted to memes of any kind no matter how stupid or evil they are.
I’m a very sarcastic and sometimes cynical person, so you better don’t take me serious all the time as I probably will try making jokes about you. Answers to that in the same manner will be very appreciated.
I hope that I can find people to discuss and talk about various topics from complex or ordinary to “bullshit topics” which are so stupic that they’re awesome again.
I’m generelly an open minded person I believe that I can add my two cents to every topic.

I speak and write German, English and Russian(with a lot of mistakes lol) and hope that I can find some penpals and maybe even longtime friends which I could meet some day.

Preferences: You should be at least 16 or so I think.
Other than that just don’t be a humorless, inflexible dick and I’m sure we’ll get along. :)

ID #85321

Name: David
Age: 18
Country: Ireland

Hii! I’m an 18 y/o guy living on the west coast of Ireland with my parents, my sister, and my cat. I’m quite shy and generally an introvert but I like to think I’m quite good at communicating through writing and I find that it’s easier for me to make connections with people online. I’m pretty sarcastic and love self-deprecating humour so if that’s going to annoy you then you should probably stop reading. I have a really wide range of interests; I adore sports (mostly badminton and soccer but I’ll play anything with a ball), music (I listen to everything, old and new, and play ukulele, piano, and sing), reading (I’ve read the Harry Potter series 11 times), languages (learning Spanish but I’d love to begin learning something else), and most importantly, memes. I’m gay (I think, idk, sexuality is a mess), and struggle with some mental health issues but I’m working on them so please be patient! I do everything I can to please people and hurting other people emotions makes me feel physically ill, so I guess you could say that I value kindness. I’m quite opinionated and love discussing mental health, LGBTQ+ issues, feminism, religion, and politics. I feel like I didn’t do a very good job selling myself but if anything I said interests you feel free to hmu!

Preferences: Preferably share a few of my interests. Absolutely no bigotry of any kind (homophobia, racism, sexism etc.), and I’m very left-leaning so if you’re conservative we might not get along. Ages 15-21 but if you’re a little younger or older I don’t mind. It’d be cool to meet another gay guy but I don’t really have any preferences for gender/sexuality, as long as you’re interested in talking to me I’ll happily talk to you. I don’t have any country preferences but some English is a must just to communicate the basics, it’d be cool if you spoke or were learning Spanish. I’d prefer to start with email and maybe move to snail mail in the future.

ID #18232

Name: Maryam
Age: 18
Country: Pakistan

Hello! I’m Maryam and I live in Pakistan. I’d really like a pen pal because things get a bit lonely here and I would love to make new friends and learn more about life and cultures in other parts of the world (though I’m really really shy at first!) I love learning new things and have an insatiable love for traveling and hope to visit every country in the world someday. I know bits and pieces of quite a few languages actually and want to become fluent in a couple. I haven’t decided which ones yet but have studied and am pretty good at French, though I’m a bit rusty because here there’s not many people here to practice it on, so a French speaking pen pal would be cool but even if you don’t it’s really no problem at all! I want to go into something health related when I grow up, either become a doctor or work for the WHO.
I’m into all things artsy and love visiting museums, creating art, and writing poetry. I like fashion and I’m a huge makeup and nail polish junkie and I love experimenting with it and creating looks. I listen to all kinds of music too. Sometimes I listen for meaning, sometimes for the beat. It all depends on the mood :)
As far as entertainment, I’m pretty open to anything but mostly lean towards action, adventure and fantasy. My favorite book series of all time is Harry Potter and I’m currently reading the Throne of Glass series. I’ve loved anime since I was a kid and have watched series of all genres, though my favorite would most likely be Fullmetal Alchemist. I don’t watch TV that often but I love Rick and Morty and The 100.
So that’s pretty much who I am. I hope we can become friends and chat about random things, though it may be awkward at first because, again, I’m really shy.

Preferences: 16-25 years old. I’m open to any gender, race, country, sexuality etc so long as you’re a decent, non homophobic, non racist person. I’d prefer communicating via email.

ID #23411

Name: Josiah
Age: 17
Country: England

Hey! I’m Josiah (Jo for short), and I’m a 17 year old male from England. I’m about to go into my final year of high school before University, where I’m planning (hoping) to study medicine. Currently I study Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Psychology.

Honestly, my hobbies include a little bit of everything, although I draw and write a hell of a lot. My music tastes also include pretty much everything, so I’d really like it if we could share whatever music we love and hopefully that would lead to us making some good discoveries.

I’ve always wanted to have a pen pal, and stumbling across this blog I thought it’d be a great idea, especially to meet people from all over the place :)

I’m down with any form of communication really; good old snail mail, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and email are all fine by me (although I do really love writing and receiving letters nudge nudge)

I’m fluent in English, and I do know enough Spanish to hold a conversation, so if you’re fluent then that would be great to help me brush up my skills :)

I feel like I’m starting to ramble at this point, so if there’s anything else you want to talk about, feel free to write to me!

Preferences: Ages 16-21 preferably, although it’s not set in stone.
I’m bisexual, so please don’t be homophobic or otherwise discriminatory.

ID #33232

Name: Manon
Age: 15
Country: France

hi :)
One of my biggest dream is to have a penpal, so we can exchange candies from our country, send gifts to each other, and maybe visit each other one day. Of course, i would never ask my pen pals to send me any gift, even if i do!

more about me now :)
my name is Manon, i live in France and i speak french as well, english, german and russian and i’m open to learn any other language. i love nature, sunsets, animals, photography but also shopping, makeup, cinema etc.
I watch a lot of tv-shows, and also many youtube videos. My favorite movies are the Harry Potter saga and every christmas movie (i’m a huge fan of christmas tbh)
I’m also open to discuss about serious subjects, or ordinary things that happen in our life!
I love to advice people and i’ll be there to hear whatever you want to tell me.

Preferences: 14-16 but it doesn’t really matter if you’re older or younger.
no racist-sexist-homophobic-xenophobic-LGBTQ+ phobic.

every country wanted, only female please

ID #20482

Name: Emma
Age: 16
Country: Ireland

Hey, I’m Emma.

Likes; All types of music. Movies (pretty much anything, bonus for horror, classic or comic-book) Overwatch, GTA, Skyrim, Art, Science, Astronomy/Space. I like reading and I write. Also shitty memes are my favorite. I love animals too.

Dislikes; Honestly not much? i’d like to think im pretty open? so just shitty people i guess?

Open to talking on pretty much any platform. Prefer to start over tumblr or some form of text.

Preferences: 15-18, gender unimportant. Not an asshole.

ID #78272

Name: Chloé
Age: 19
Country: France

I’m Chloé, a French girl.
I’m really anxious so I barely never go out, nor talk to people in real life. Most of my friends are from the internet.
I love tattoos and piercing, I personally have three tattoos and more to come. I love TV shows and recently I also started to watch the film. I really like books (especially old ones who smells good).
I like the art even if I don’t know much about it. my favourite artist (and also favourite woman) is Frida Kahlo.
My favourite band is the neighbourhood and London Grammar, I also like the xx, David Bowie, Sir Sly, Patti Smith…
I’m also a proud feminist and a member of the LGBT+ community.
I’d love to send snail mails, i love creating stuff so we can exchange some drawings, collage etc.
I hope to talk to you soon!

Preferences: +17 years old

ID #46079

Name: Will
Age: 18
Country: France

Hi there !

I would like to find a penpal in order to exchange snail mails (or maybe e-mails at first ?).

I am kind of an awkward person when it comes to live chat so I thought I would try others means such as snail mail (although I have never done it before) which, I hope, could be the way to build something interesting and meaningful.

In order to find the right person, I will try to introduce me through the passions that define me the most, and I would love it if someone with similar interests was up to be my penpal.
First of all I am really into art. Actually I’m studying art in Paris ; I love conceptual art the most (really, more than anything else).
Then I’m also love watching movies. I don’t have a favourite genre, really, but if it can help you some of my favourite movies ever are The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Snowpiercer, The Witch and The Double.
I’m also really into philosophy and I would define myself as a nihilist.

Finally, if that can help you, I am either INTP or INTJ ; I go by any pronoun but if you’re uncomfortable with it you can use they/them/their ; and I am looking for someone incredibly open-minded.

Preferences: No gender preference.
Someone between 15 and 21 years old would be great but I’d like to talk with anyone younger or older, just be sure to notify me about this element tho.

ID #33320

Name: Chloe
Age: 21
Country: UK

Hey there, I’m Chloe! I’m quite a shy, introverted person but I really love close friendships and the idea of a penpal seems awesome so I thought I’d give this a shot. I love talking to new people but face-to-face can be somewhat unsettling because I’m a pretty anxious person. Having deep, meaningful conversations over email/letter or anything seems fantastic but I’m also open to just simple everyday conversations with no rhyme or reason.
Anyway, I live in England and I’ve just finished my second year at university. I’m basically a nerd and love spending time indoors watching Netflix, movies, anime or going on the internet. I also enjoy drawing (although I’m not very good) and enjoy doing different journals (for example I love wreck this journal) and such and I also love Nintendo games - I’m a massive fan of animal crossing, anything Mario, things like that and I’m also a big fan of Pokémon (games, anime, movies, drawing, manga, all of it). I really enjoy crime shows like criminal minds and bones but I also like fantasy stuff like once upon a time! As well as this I enjoy watching youtube (my favourite youtubers are danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil and I also love watching art youtubers too).
So that’s basically some things that I like! I’m quite happy to talk over email, letter, text or anything, I don’t mind - personally the idea of sending and receiving letters is so awesome but I’m happy to use other methods as well as its better to hold a conversation. I’ve never done anything like this before but I’m hopeful!

Preferences: Any gender I don’t mind, and I’d prefer someone aged 18 and over. I only speak English so only people who are fluent in English please but I don’t mind what country.