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Whats in my pencil case?

So I have done my shopping, and I am finally all set (or as I might think, because best believe that if I spot a 50 % off on the stationary rack that I will be stocking up again) - It should be noted that these things are the things that I bring to school and that I have double the amount (or more) of each item in my closet, because of my “what if” thinking 

In my pencil case I have the following

  • Pencils from TIGER 
  • Pens from TIGER 
  • Highligters from TIGER 
  • Eraser from TIGER
  • Pencil sharpener from TIGER 
  • Pencil case from TIGER
  • Highlighters from STAEDLER 
  • Muji Gel pens (0,5) - in Blue and Black 
  • Muji Hexagonal twin pen (blue) 

Now I am not the most “brand” oriented person when it comes to stationary (ofcourse I wouldn’t mind if someone gifted me a shit ton of muji pens, however they are not my go to) - most of my stationary is from TIGER, since it is cheap, it does its work, and it is so close to me that I can stock up and buy new ones all the time (the more expensive brands such as muji is only available for me if I travel) And one of my biggest pet peeves is changing the colour or the type of pen I have used in the same notebook or within the same topics. 

One thing that I however do like to spent my money on is good highlighters, the ones from staedler are not that expensive, they sell them in my university for around 20 dkk for 3 of them. Which is a good price (the double price of the TIGER ones, however the colour is better and the last of the high lighter is longer). But I still use the TIGER ones for my written notes (which I will explain in my note taking routine which will soon be ready) 

Only thing that I do however HATE that is in my pencil case, is my pencil sharpener! It sucks! It just ruins the pens and it is so inconvenient. So I might buy a new one soon. 

It should be noted, that the muji stuff I use, are only for my journals. I dont take everyday notes with them, because as I said they are both expensive and they are not that easy for me to get my hands on. 

What stationary can you guys recommend? And do you know a good pencil sharpener because I really need a good one! 




pen trick el arte de mover la birome con los dedos :D esto si que es estar al pedo jeje

y todo esto acompañado de un tema buenísimo dawn of victory de Rhapsody que lo disfruten :P

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