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How to Describe Yourself to Your Pen Pal

The basics are your age, location, and gender, but what about some other things to spice up the conversation?

-Places you’ve been to

-Favorite music

-A secret that you haven’t told before

-Your most embarrassing moment

-What you want to be when you’re older

-What superpower you would have and why

- Favorite foods

-Introverted or extroverted?

-Zodiac sign

-Things you want to fix about yourself

-Describe how you were as a 7 year old

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want to start/continue bullet journaling on a budget?

i’m new to the bullet journaling community and i’ve had to go about starting out on a budget, here are some of my favorite cheap supplies + tips!

this is the bullet journal i bought, it’s $5.49 on amazon! i was skeptical of getting such a cheap bullet journal, but i absolutely love it! none of my pens bleed through the paper. it’s 132 pages of dotted paper with a few blank pages in the back, it also includes 2 key pages in the front

i have a few sets of pens, but this Pilot G2-07 is my favorite! i’m left handed and, as all my fellow lefties know, some pens just don’t like to write for us then end up smeared all over the paper when they finally do. i haven’t had any problems with these, they write flawlessly and don’t smear! i got this set at Target for $12

i got this 5 pack of pastel post-it’s at Target for a little more than $2!

these cute sticky notes all came from the Target $1 section! they don’t stick the best, but if you just use a nice piece of washi tape nobody will know the difference

yet again, these 3 rolls of washi tape and giant paperclips (that i use as bookmarks for my bullet journal) all came from the $1 section! when applying, it’s obvious that the washi tape isn’t the highest quality, but when it’s all stuck on there does it really matter?


- compare prices on amazon to store prices for journals+pen sets

-always look for sales+coupons if you want something from more pricey craft stores (michael’s usually has coupons on their website)

-always check the Target $1 section! all the items get changed frequently, you could go twice in one week and find some new stuff!

paintingit  asked:

Heya it's me again! I use the same programme as you, clip studio paint ex, and was wondering what pen tool you use. I really want to get the same effect as your linework but the turnip pen isn't doing the trick.

For normal Illustration Lineart, I always use the “Mapping pen” and for Animation Lineart the G-Pen :)!
I modified them slightly with their pressure  sensitivity, so I don’t have to press down on my tablet like a maniac and keep my hand safe :V


27.3.16 // If you guys follow me on Instagram (@studyspiration) you guys know that I have been going through the last few weeks to do lists.. My exams are coming up (Well there are 3 months until my exam) but I want to start revision atleast a month prior to my exam

Also I am on Snapchat (@duniakader) if you want to see clips of my everyday life, study pictures and Sometimes jokes


Hello lovelies!

Now that there’s 10'000 of you, I thought it’s the best time to share my tips and tricks on how to stay safe having pen pals. I’ve tried and used all the tips myself and I would recommend checking them out when you have pen pals or are looking for some.

xoxo Giulia


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This is just a preemptive double-cross.

Studyspiration’s note taking routine

For my note taking “proces” as I would call it, I spent a lot of time. But then again it assures me that I truly get to understand the subject. It should however be noted that I don’t do all of these steps in a day. Because if you are in University you know that reading a chapter isn’t easy and usually a chapter can be really long and take up a lot of time. So you shouldn’t be stressed if you don’t have the time to write down all your notes during the same day that you pick up the topic. Don’t worry. Actually doing these different steps over the course of different days is an excellent way to retain the information and make sure you understand it, because lets be honest, when you read and write the same information over and over again within the course of an hour or two everything just becomes a routine and you do it someone half hearted. 

But lets get into it.

Step 1 - Reading the information

Here all you need is your text book and a highlighter (don’t do this if you have borrowed the book tho, just simply read it at first then) 

In this step all you do is read, and just try to figure out what is important and what is not. Because, although a lot of the information in your text book is important and probably good information, some of the information might just not be that relevant for your exam and for you at that time in your education system. Try to high light the important parts so that you know exactly what you should not down in step 2 and what you should avoid spending that much “precious notebook space” on. 

Step 2 - Taking notes 

In this step I read the chapter once again, but the focus is to write down the most important parts in my note book. This is not a fancy proces. It really isn’t I use my Tiger ball point pens. I do however try to make the notes be a bit presentable, but that isn’t my main focus. The main focus is to sum up the chapter and the main points. 

Step 3 - Re writing the notes onto the PC

Now this is when people start to tell me that I am “overdoing it” because we are used to note taking being either one or the other. But I do both. Because I learn from both. I think that the combination of both has made retaining information and learning much easier for me. 

I usually type my information from my notebook into a word document (Bonus tip; Using the font Times New Roman is actually shown to help you read the information faster). In this process I sometimes also fill in the “blanks” so lets say there was something that I didn’t feel like my text book presented to me clearly enough, I do a little further research and insert that into my notes as well. 

Step 4 - Making flashcards 

Now this is the fancy process. This is where I break out my expensive ass muji pens (those things are not cheap and not a must, but I bought them off sale so I am completely guilt free). 

I take the notes that I have written, and after a while when you have typed the information and studied the information several times you will slowly get an idea off what is truly the most important points and what is the point in the chapter. So I just make flash cards where everything is pretty much summed up even more. 

And then my note taking routine is DONE! Yes only four steps, it isn’t that much is it? Well some tend to think that it is a lot when a chapter is 30+ pages long. 

Which is these steps do you do? And which do you think are too much? Tell me I want to know 

Also I am working on making a post about my revision “routine” because that is also excessive according to other students.