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Who’s looking forward to Hauntswitch?

Day 5: Long 

In my mythology class we talked about the Book of the Dead  - an ancient Egyptian guidebook buried with you to assist your spirit in the perilous journey of the afterlife. It was full of prayers and handy-dandy magical spells to help get you past monsters and the trials you’d face. However the longest version found is also a 78 foot long papyrus scroll. I hope this thing has a table of contents because I don’t think the monsters about to devour your soul are going to just wait around for you.


Wanted to do a Style-Challenge for a long time now and here it is!

I drew Arthur Kirkland/aph England in the styles of my friends and of some other artists I admire! (I hope it’s okay for everyone owo)

I tried my very best to imitate their beautiful art styles:

1) @captainjellyroll

2) @mi-chan4649

3) @flowermochii

4) @stephyhime

5) @raincoffeetea

6) @pen-tanic

7) @usuccc

8) @lily-clare

9) @ennui160

10) Hetalia Anime (first few seasons)

11) Hetalia Anime (World Twinkle)

12) @glassparty (my style)

This challenge was really fun and I think I learned a lot while doing these: It was interesting to color and draw in different ways! ^^ should I make more?