pen sketches

tips for drawing for an extended period of time (feel free to add on !)

in my latest attempt to get Really Good At Art So I Can Get Into Art School, ive been drawing 25 hours a week, though lately ive worked it up to 30, and my goal is 40 hours per week. this leads to me doing around 2 hours straight in school every day, 3 hours (ideally) per afternoon, and arnd 5-8 saturday and sunday. ive improved dramatically in the ~2 months ive started doing this, but it’s been rough at times, so here are some tips for people struggling to stay motivated!

- alternate between drawing exercises and working on longer pieces !! doing drawing excises for hours is miserable, and i find that its useful to take a break every hour orr two of working on a larger piece, or ill get frustrated and start to rush

-dont constantly drink caffine. i have a green tea problem, and drink arnd 4 cups a day, and by cup three my hands are usually shaking pretty bad. learn from my mistakes

-do intuitive drawing! theres a super cool youtube video on it ( )but basically its drawing a lot of the same thing fast

-draw things you love !! youll be a lot more motivated if youre drawing things related to your interests

-try drawing in pen ! i dont do this as much as i should, but sketching in pen really does help you improve

-if you find yourself getting distracted, checking tumblr every five minutes, etc. take a half-hour break and then get back to drawing ! ❤️ ive found that taking a break can often be more helpful than just trying to power through it


Looks like I’m playing the very popular game “let’s see in how many different ways I can have these two end up together”

Day 18 of inktober!

“What would the Sanders Sides go as for Halloween??”

Inspired by one video where Virgil said “Thanks for noticing me.” (Which I assume was quoted from Eeyore?)

Also, the signed creativity poster I ordered came in the mail last night! I love it so much!! Thank you, Thomas, if you see this!!


Yeah we’re golden, babygirl, we’re golden

They about to see us shine ‘cause we’re golden

They can never break us down cause we’re golden

They about to see us glow cause we’re golden