Probably get myself a pen pal… What else to do, right?

Name: Nathalie

Country: Germany

Age: 24 years

Contact: Tumblr:
Email: rosemaryandpearls (ät) gmx . net

First off, my name is Nathalie. I studied history and art history at university, now I’m becoming a bespoke tailor. I really love music, novels and movies, bygone eras (esp. 1860s-1960s and the Dutch Golden Age), interior design, photography, HP, knitting, the UK, Fall/Winter, The Netherlands, writing, Iceland, the sea, and of course staying at home and doing nothing aka Tumblr.
A few of my favourite tv-shows are Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire, GoT, American Horror Story, Sherlock (UK), Gilmore Girls. I’m rewatching Breaking Bad and Twin Peaks at the moment.
I like Old and Alt Country music, Americana, Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Motown, Blues and Tango Argentino (even though I’m a bad undereducated dancer). The National and Sigur Rós are my favourite bands.

I’m looking for someone who I can discuss books and films with. I’d love to get to know you, your hometown, your country. I’d like to read of your dreams or secrets, your favorite places to go. Write me a poem, explain the meaning of life to me, tell me your wisdoms. I’m very open-minded and love learning about new beliefs, cultures and lifestyles. I’d love to swap small things like photos, postcards, art, recipes, sweets, music mixes, quotes etc.

I’m especially looking for someone from The UK / Ireland / Iceland / The Netherlands / Belgium / Northern Europe / US South or New England.

But really, I’m happy about every message I get! :)

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Four things people call me:

·         a-noblemonster

·         inia

·         bug

·         you

Four jobs I’ve had:

·         costume sign waiver (they stand on the corner with signs)

·         b.s.u call center (awful)

·         dishwasher (less awful but gross)

Four movies I’ve watched more than once: (this one was too common so I listed things I’ve seen more than 10 times)

·         Pacific Rim

·         the cell (terrified me when i was younger, now i love it)

·         mulan (first movie i saw in the theaters)

·         haunting in Connecticut ( amariesky favorite )

Four books I’d recommend:

·         the secret history by Donna Tartt

·         Anything by Holley Black (my favorite) 

·         The Harry Potter Series

·         the herbal almanacs by Llewellyn

Four places I’ve lived:

·        Utah

          Idaho (and now i just move around in state a lot)

Four places I’ve been:

·         Corona, California

·         Los Angeles, California

·         yellow stone national park 

·         Seattle, Washington 

Four foods I don’t eat:

·         milk but i don’t eat most dairy products either

·         beets

·         mushrooms

·         Peas

Four TV shows I watch (currently):

·         iZombies (it’s really cute, funny & interesting)

·         Buffy (late to the party i know, thanks to justthewaythedoctormademe )

·         the 100 (caught up , can’t recommend this enough)

·         ace of diamonds (anime)

Four things I’m looking forward to, this year:

·         The job at girl scout camp (it’s on a lake by the woods :)

·         making more videos about having adventures

·         pen palling with misspeanutbutterfiend and justthewaythedoctormademe

           and finally being able to send out packages

·         being old enough to go dancing (if i chose but lbr) at clubs

Four things I’m saying:

·         there is nothing to eat in this house. im so hungry. i want tea and fruit and something cute to eat.

·         yeah, i’m not covering that shift for work, too lazy. its my free day. no

·         why am i so congested? where did all this mucous come from and why wont it leave?.

·         I really should get in the shower soon.

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Uh, hey guys

Okay so I’m Sophie, I’m 15 and I’m from England. 

I’m not particularly good at the whole advertising why my friendship would be rad thing so I’ll just go right into this: I’d just like to have an internet friend to talk to whenever. As long as you put effort into the conversation I really don’t mind what we talk about! If it helps, some of my interests include writing, reading, tv shows and movies (Harry Potter, GoT, LotR, AHS, Supernatural etc etc), so feel free to use them as conversation starters haha 

my tumblr is philosophiecal (Get it? I’m hilarious, I know) so send me a message on there if you wanna talk more ((I’m really cool I swear))

see ya

Hey all, my name is Laura, I am from Indiana, USA (I just recently moved here!) I’m 26 years old, but I’ll be 27 in June.  In September I will marry the man of my dreams and that makes me extremely happy!

My likes would include: Animals, music, photography, poetry, creative minds, tattoos, funny stories, going for drives, hearing about places people live, and just meeting new people and hearing their stories in general.
Music: I like a lot of music excluding scream and heavy death metal. I can’t promise that we will have the same taste in music, but if you have a favorite band, I will check them out!
TV Shows: I love the Disney channel (call it a guilty pleasure, I don’t care). I also love Criminal Minds, Dance Moms, Pretty Little Liars, CSI, Ink Masters, and so on.
Movies: Lethal Weapon (all of them). The Fast and Furious (all of them). The Proposal, Pitch Perfect, Disney Movies, Easy A, there are so many to name! We can talk more about it in a letter! :)
Dislikes: Wearing socks to bed, wet pant legs, people who go out of their way to be mean to others, people who spell “tomorrow” like ‘tomarrow’, people who do not pull over for emergency vehicles, and that’s about it. Oh! And people who don’t use a blinker… kind of drives me crazy…

I’m looking for snail mail pen pals! I love writing letters to people and would love to have letters to read. I wouldn’t mind sending gifts once in awhile either. I don’t really have any country requirements. I’d love to get to know people from all over. Although, because I’m almost 27, I do ask that you are 18 or over and that you realize this is just for friendship.

If you’d like to be my pen pal please send me an ask on my tumblr!

Can’t wait to hear about you!
Snail Mail Project, get involved!

Hello all!

I’ve wanted to do a project like this for a while now, and I’m very excited about it. Basically, if you want to take part, you can send me a message with a specific theme or a prompt (nature, blue, candy etc.), and your address, and I will send you a letter and some mail art that goes with your chosen theme. I will be sending something different to everyone, and if you would like to send something in return you are welcome to! I’m in the process of setting up a lovely blog to document everything I send. 

Please feel free to reblog and share this, I want to get started right away! :)

Two years ago, designers Stefanie Posavec and Giorgia Lupi met at a design festival in Minneapolis, where they were both giving talks on drawing and sketching with data. They kept in touch online after connecting over their shared artistic, analog approach to visualizing numbers. When they switched continents in October—Lupi moved to Brooklyn to start the New York office of her company Accurat, Posavecmoved to London to freelance—they decided to embark on a yearlong, hand-drawn pen pal project, called Dear Data, in which they send each other regular postcards that visualize a week’s worth of personal data. 

"What we wanted to prove with the project is that data can be totally human," Lupi says in a phone interview. "Of course, especially with hand-drawing, it can be imprecise and messy, but our lives are imprecise and messy."

What Happens When Data-Viz Designers Become Penpals

Name: Sarai

Age: 28

Location: Basque Country, Spain

Languages: Spanish, Basque and English. A little French.

Likes: Books, Tv-Shows, movies, music, vintage, pinup and rockabilly things, Robert Redford, Elvis, Kurt Cobain, sea, creepy things, things related to the tarot (if anyone knows the subject, I love to learn!), animals, my boyfriend, care of mine, laugh, make the idiot, DC Comics, tattoos …
Dislikes: Injustice and closed-minded people.
Random fact: I´m a freak, so you can talk to me about anything. I´m very passionate and I love taking care of others.

Looking for: a snail mail friend (25 / …) Whom I could tiny exchange gifts, packages and surprises with, you too. The main thing is that you ‘find something in common with me, can talk about anything, are reliable to be a long-term penpal and love to send and receive letters long.

If you want to know more or you already know that you ‘d like to be my pen pal, send me an e-mail to: sarai_erzsebet (@)

Bye ♥
Pen Pals needed!

Hi. My name is Liam. I’m nearly 17 years old and live in The Netherlands. I’d describe myself as a nice, (sometimes feminime) guy, loyal and funny person (if you get my humor haha!) My interests are drawing, writing, reading, singing, photography, make-up (it’s amazing how it can change someone’s appearance completely), and well, much more.

I speak English and Dutch. I prefer writing long e-mails (I’m not going to respond to a “Hey, how are you?”. Most of the time “chat conversations” end up dead. If I give you my e-mail I expect you to write a long message. If not, I simply won’t respond, because like I mentioned just now, the chat conversation is most likely going to end up dead.

There’s one very important thing though; If you have anything against the LGBTQ (Lesbian – Gay - Bi-sexual – Transgender – Queer) community do not even bother to contact me. I myself screw genderroles. I do and wear whatever I want despite what society thinks of it. Same goes for falling in love.

If you’re interested to write with me, please inbox me here on Tumblr and I’ll give you my e-mail.

I hope to hear from you!