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Name: Lilith Isabelle
Age: 25
Location: Monroe, Louisiana (US).  

About me: I am a student and full time puppy mama! I travel quite a bit, mostly in the fall and spring time. I have been to Israel, France, England, Holland, and Scotland so far. I adore meeting new people and sharing cultural insights. I study foreign linguistics and literature (Spanish and French), and I will be receiving a second degree in Paralegal Technology soon! I adore languages and would like to find a pen pal who enjoys cultures and traveling as much as I do! 

My primary language is English, but I am studying French, Spanish, Esperanto, and I have previously studied three years of Japanese in school. 

Interests: books, languages, baking, art, exchanging recipes, fine dinning, traveling, exotic pets, yoga, Renaissance Festivals, healthy living, science, cosmetology, and photography.
Dislikes: Just mean people. 

What I’m looking for: Anyone, any age, and from any place! 

Interesting Fact: I am currently raising my second wolf hybrid and he’s my baby.

Contact me at:


Hi lovelies

Can you tell - I am back home? And had the time to upload to video’s for you today & an other one tomorrow for my weekly youtube videos!

This video where I show you a new idea how to be save on kik - was just a must, considering all the messages I got about it lately (also privatly send ones).

I know how much more time - I will now have to put into this - but I love you all so much & I want to portect you so this is why I want to try this out for you.

To write it down:

If you know you can’t handle spam and that kind of stuff - you now still write down your kik name in your submission but write in bracets (Giulia, replace my kik name with your’s) then I will save your kik name on my phone & replace your kik name with mine telling people to contact me first. That’s how I will “filter” spam out for you & then giving out your kik name to people I approved. So I guss you need to trust me … I can’t say I will be able to block all the “weird” people out but I will do my best to keep you protected!

But please also check out my youtube video tomorrow where I talk about being safe on the internet! Link to youtube channel:

xoxo Giulia

Hey guys! My name is Taylor Nicole and I’m 18 years old. I’m looking for a pen pal that I can send letters, cute trinkets, artwork, and small things like tea and things from my country (as well as receive). I’m from Central Canada and I love animals and nature. 

You can usually find me exploring my city and going on walks or hikes with my friends. I am an open book and love sharing things about my life, as well as give advice or lend an ear whenever needed. I’m vegetarian and being cruelty-free is important to me. 

I’m open to having friendships with people 16-19. If you’re against feminism, body modification (I have a large tattoo and my earlobes are stretched) or LGBTQ community I’m sorry but I don’t think we would get along. 

My favourite bands are Arctic Monkeys, Tame Impala, Cage the Elephant, MAGIC!, Grizzly Bear, and Royal Canoe. Bates Motel and Criminal Minds are my favourite shows. I love being creative and India ink is my favourite medium. I do have a full time job and could take a day or two to reply. 

Feel free to message me on here (URL
or email me at goaliegirl1497 @gmail .com.

Sup, earthlings

Name - Tan

Age - 17 (18 this October)

Gender - Female

Country - Thailand


  • Ballet
  • Astronomy/astrophysics
  • Classical music
  • Greek mythology
  • Forensic investigation
  • Psychopathology
  • Movies (and everything involved in making movies)
  • Mermaids
  • Writing letters
  • Surprises


  • Racism, sexism, rudeness
  • Basically, if you’re a nice person, I’m in

What I’m looking for:

  • Someone around my age (16-21)
  • Near, far, wherever you are, I don’t really mind
  • Snail mail + package pals 
  • Long letters 

Email: narkchaiyatan @

Random fact(s):

  • My dad used to be a commercial director around South East Asia
  • My uncle is a famous news reporter in Thailand
  • My family owns a successful restaurant in Thailand
  • I’ve met Siwon from Super Junior (for all you kpop fans)
  • I’ve met Martin Freeman and he was delightful 
  • I’m an aspiring model and film director

I was wondering if there is any language network on Tumblr? 

Because that could be a great idea: 

-you need help for your homework? Here a native speaker that can help. 

-you want a pen pal? Good look at those blogs maybe you will find someone who likes the same things as you!

-in your fanfic one of your character speaks swedish? Just ask and people will tell you a good translation of what you want to say (and not some google translate thing full of mistakes) 

Idk that could be really helpful for everyone!

EDIT: People seems to be interested by this so ecstasykid and me made a blog and it’s called thelanguagenetwork !!!


Hey Everyone! It’s that time again!

I’m looking for new penpals! First, Here’s a bit about me…(btw this is my handwriting)

I’m Steeve. She/Her. Capricorn. 18 years old. Massachusetts, US

I listen to all sorts of Music. PROUD SUPPORTER OF LOCAL MUSICIANS & ARTISTS. I used to be addicted to NetFlix but it stopped working at my house. New first-time Homestuck reader. It’s pretty rad. Singing. Guitaring. Writing. Drawing. A.R.T. My favorite colors are blue and lime green.Doctor Who. The walking dead. Supernatural. American Horror Story. All Time Low. Set It Off. As It Is. Ice Nine Kills. Hands Like Houses. Adam Elmakias. I’m passionate about music and photography. I want to be a music photographer. And that’s it for now! Get to know me.

What I’m looking for in a Penpal:

  • With my age range (16-20) * possible exceptions
  • Any gender / sexuality / etc LGBTQIA* - friendly

  • People from places I don’t have have penpals from, please!

Here’s a list of where my current penpals are from:

  • Germany 
  • England
  • Florida, US
  • Virgina, US
  • California, US
  • Texas, US
  • Indonesia

(Also not looking for penpals from the same place as me. Massachusetts, US)

(Exceptions can and probably will be made)

(BTW, all my penpals are girls so far…but I’m not against having guy penpal(s) too)

(Forgot to mention this in the notebook but I am also open to gift-swapping)

You can contact me at


Whass happenin’ y’all?  My Name is Kody Patten, I am 22 years old.  I am 6′6″, 181 lbs, with red hair and hazel eyes.  I am currently incarcerated at Ely State Prison, sure we all make mistakes—some worse than others.  My personality can be described as genuine, loyal, respectful, hard working, caring, outgoing, and drama FREE!  I love to joke and have a good time, things don’t always have to be so serious.  When times get rough I try to be my family and friends “go to” person for a laugh or even a shoulder to cry on.  Some of my hobbies consist of drawing, tattooing, writing, working, working out (gotta stay fit), and always trying to better myself & educate myself.  I currently have a half sleeve on my left forearm, all of which I did, as well as 6 other various tattoos.  I am BIG into family & friends, I put my all into my friendships & life itself, even though I am a bit restrained at the moment.  Staying strong and upbeat is a key aspect in keeping my head straight and moving forward.  My parents are rockstars for me, they never left my side and continue to be my anchor to life.  My brother continues to be a pain in my ass and I couldn’t ask for a better family.  As you can tell by my photo, my mom is my heart & soul.  I’m hoping to find some new & interesting people to get to know and hopefully find some common interests.  I’ll reply to all first letters.  As always thank you for your time and interest in my intro.
If you send pictures, be sure to write my full name and DOC# on the back (#1091721) or I won’t be able to get them!
Respect & Loyalty,
Kody Cree Patten

Kody Patten #1091721
Ely State Prison
PO BOX 1989
Ely, NV 89301

Hi! I’m Kate! I’m a 15 year old artist from Virginia, US who loves geeky and cute stuff. I would love a penpal (or 3) who have similar interests!
Age: 15, almost 16
Gender: Female (she/her)

Likes: Cartoons, anime and video games like Steven Universe, Rick and Morty, Portal, Ouran Highschool Host Club and Love Live. I also love art, feminism and animals! (I have 5 pets and am a vegan!) I love sweet/geeky/funny/cute people!!

Dislikes: bigoted people, milk, people that are too serious and moths!

Things I want in a penpal: someone who are 13-17 who have similar interests and will send me letters with doodles and little trinkets in them! I prefer snail mail.

Random fact: If Pokemon were real I would have a caterpie

Contact me at saladsarerad @
or my Tumblr,