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Inktober 009: Princess Allura, ink splotches and all

Tools: Speedball Super Black India ink, a dip pen with a Manuscript Leonardt Drawing Nip (DP801), Strathmore Bristol Board

i draw my otp fluffy all the time but i actually love angst

my wacom pen broke a few days ago so i had to borrow my cousin’s small wacom tablet and it’s so hard to get used to why is the cursor moving SO FAST

I was over at my cousin’s house for a birthday, and she asked if I wanted to draw pictures with her, with her new gel pens (Yeah, those are still a thing.)

She liked the princess I drew. I told her that the princess had probably just received a lovely letter from the bird in her hand (black like a raven) that had been delivered to her from her admirer. I told her that she lived in a kingdom by the sea. My cousin really liked her pretty blue dress.

In other news, I am completely over poe party ending why, why would you even bring that up?

(I’ll probably be redoing this drawing in some other medium. Gel pens are great, but I’m better with a pencil)


TRADITIONAL ART - an art supplies support guide (basic edition :D ) 

You guys ask me sometimes about what do I use in my traditonal art works. These are my basic pens for lines.

1. fine-tipped pen (0.4) - to small details, such as faces, expressions and etc.
2. average tip pen (0.8) - for lines in general.
3. ink pen Nanking (0.8) - to work with more use of black (best paint).
4. brush tip pen - for shadows.
5. coloring pen average tip - for medium painting of black spaces.
6. coloring pen big tip  - for funds and large areas of black paint.
7. soft pencil for drawing (5B) - to sketches.
8. pencil tip rubber - to clear small areas.
9. soft rubber for architecture - to clear average areas.

1-3 lines
4-6 shadows and background
7-9 draft

Hope it helps, sorry for my english!

           Oh, snap! Valentine’s Day is coming and we need your help!

           Your mission is simple: take your pen/tablet/mouse/keyboard/medium of choice and make something Noblesse-related so cute it will give cavities to everyone within a 10-mile radius. The fluffiest fluff to ever fluff.  Fanfics and fanart so full of love that it will melt the fandom’s heart. It can be SFW or NSFW (but make sure to tag those ;)

           The posting date is February 14.

           Don’t forget to send me a link of your entry so I can include them all in a masterpost.


           If you have a friend who you think would like to participate, tag them and invite them to join :)

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I occasionally swap out: - Orient Symphony for Orient Bambino v3 (dark gray) - SOG Flash II for Mercator 154S Black Cat - Zippo Engine Turned for Zippo Black Crackle - Pilot V-Ball for Sharpie Ultra Fine Point (black)

anonymous asked:

how do you recommend starting digital drawing? i've been painting portraits with oil paint for almost a decade so i'm experienced in art but i'd like to try going digital. i just don't know where to start and i'm not sure going out and buying all of this expensive equiptment is the best way to do it right off the bat so i was wondering if you had any tips 😊


first of, if you don’t wanna spend a lot of money on tablet i would recommend wacom bamboo or intuos. i used both and i’m pretty happy with them, currently i’m using wacom intuos pen&touch medium. also, i personally prefer pens with an eraser on the other end. i really find it very handy. but i was satisfied with bamboo pen&touch as well, i bought new tablet only because my dog chewed the pen and i was better and cheaper to buy new tablet than pen :D

about the software: i draw everything in photoshop cs6 but a lot of people are using paint tool sai and finding it good. i started to draw in ps and i tried sai but it’s just easier and more comfortable for me to draw in ps. i also used coral draw for some time but i abandoned it a couple of years ago. i’d recommend you to try different programms so you could compare them and decide which one suits you better. also, if you’re gonna use photoshop, try different brushes. here’s some of mine

the most difficult part in my opinion is getting used to draw without watching at your hand but once you manage that everything else is pretty simple. this only comes with practice. it takes months for some people and others get used to it in a week, it really varies.

i guess you know it yourself but still, start from some simple things, do studies and don’t try to draw something super-complicated at the first time.

hope this will help and good luck with digital drawing!

katsuki-salamander  asked:

Haii Keiid~san!!! I dunno if anyone asked this yet(they probably did) but whats the name off your drawing tablet? And do you recomend it? :)

It’s a wacom intuos pro pen and touch medium and I highly recommend it!!


My watercolors I ordered off amazon came two days early!!!! I also splurged on some art supplies. I got a canson xl multimedia sketch book, some sakura gelly roll pens in white, sakura pigma brush pen, a small cheap palette for mixing, and a PENTEL WATER BRUSH!!!!!!! I did a galaxy circle and a (kinda) self portrait. ( My nose is different and my hair and eye colors are different.) So happy with all of them!!!

- please don’t delete the caption! -

~ first studyblr post ~


muji mini-haul! the date is from two days ago but that’s when i got these supplies so shhh

left to right:
• pencil case (~$6)
• 0.38 gel ink pens in sea green, medium blue, black, and red ($1.50 each)
• clear plastic mechanical pencil ($1.25)
• small white plastic erasers ($0.75 each)
• mini flash card block w binder clip ($1)

muji also gives you 10% off your entire purchase when you show them a valid student i.d.! (if you’re worried about privacy in any way, i covered up my name and id # with washi tape and it seemed to be fine with them!) this event ends in three weeks so if you want to buy anything for yourself or for a friend now is the time to go! **

** i am not affiliated with muji in any way nor am i promoting the store for any kind of personal benefit.

Interview: Erin

Today we’re joined by Erin. Erin is a fantastically talented visual artist who specializes in traditional mediums. Her attention to detail is absolutely amazing and the pictures she sent to go with her interview show that she has an incredible eye. My thanks to her for taking the time to participate in this interview.


Please, tell us about your art.

I do mainly traditional work with pencils and fine tip felt pens. I haven’t done much digital work recently, but I really enjoy working in Photoshop when I have the time. Overall, I like working small and packing detail into whatever I’m drawing.

What inspires you?

Since starting a fine arts degree in August, I’m finding that seeing people around my own age working hard in their own styles and making incredible work is very inspiring. We all push each other to do our best work, and it really shows when it comes to final critiques. Professionally, I’d say artists who work on large-scale movies inspire me, as that’s what I’d like my career to turn into one day. The Lord of the Rings trilogy was what first inspired me to become serious about art.

What got you interested in your field?  Have you always wanted to be an artist?

Watching the special features for movie franchises like the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter really got me interested in a career in art. Whenever I see a film I love, I immediately run out and buy the art book and absorb all I can from them! I’ve always been creative, and I’ve been drawing since I was little, so a career in art was always where I was headed. Even though I still have a long ways to go, seeing my own improvement keeps me passionate.

Do you have any kind of special or unique signature, symbol, or feature you include in your work that you’d be willing to reveal?

Not really. In some of my digital pieces that aren’t watermarked, I hide my initials very subtly all over the place.

What advice would you give young aspiring artists?

Whatever your chosen medium is, do it a lot! Even if you think what you do isn’t the best, the only way to get better is to make mistakes and try again. That being the most important factor, try to also keep inspired by the people around you. Keep a folder full of pieces and artists that you look up to, and don’t be scared to emulate the parts of their work you like. See a colour palette you like? Try it out! Like how somebody draws eyes? Try drawing that way! Eventually you’ll arrive at your own unique style that feels natural to you.


Where on the spectrum do you identify?

Right now I’d place myself as heteroromantic, sex-repulsed asexual.

Have you encountered any kind of ace prejudice or ignorance in your field?  If so, how do you handle it?

The people in the field who know my orientation have either been nonchalant or politely curious. I’ve had a few classmates even approach me privately during after-hours studio time to ask questions. It was a little nerve-wracking to be honest, but it’s been very encouraging to have encountered such a positive reception. I’ve had very negative receptions outside the field, and the way I’ve dealt with that is to acknowledge that we’re a small, fairly unknown community, so getting confusion or seemingly rude remarks from people is to be expected. Take people’s words with a grain of salt, and encourage them to do their own research.

What’s the most common misconception about asexuality that you’ve encountered?

Probably that it just means a person’s shy, or naïve about sexual relationships. For me, sex-repulsion happens totally separate from my feelings about a person. I could have a sexual relationship if I wanted, but I’m just not in tune with people feeling sexually towards me, because it’s not something I understand or can reciprocate. I had to end my last relationship because I thought I was just ‘too shy’, even though the anxiety I was having over things as little as kissing was part of my asexuality (though I didn’t know it yet).

What advice would you give to any asexual individuals out there who might be struggling with their orientation?

Don’t feel like you have to nail what you’re feeling down to a bunch of labels, because chances are, none of them will fit perfectly. It’s important to not try and define yourself right now, especially if you’re younger. Things could change for you, so just take yourself one day at a time and find people who will be there for your ups and downs. Following blogs like this one that shines a positive light on the community is a good step towards being okay with yourself. Chin up, kiddos!

Finally, where can people find out more about your work?

My Tumblr art blog is neon-biology, and if you like daily updates and doodles, I post tons of stuff to my Instagram, aberrantbiology.

Thank you, Erin, for participating in this interview and this project. It’s very much appreciated.