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Coucou Tumblr, j’étais sur ce montage depuis un ptit moment, j’espère que ça vous plaira <3

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Two hundred Romans, and no one’s got a pen? Never mind!“
He slung his M16 onto his back and pulled out a hand grenade. There were many screaming Romans. Then the hand grenade morphed into a ballpoint pen, and Mars began to write.
Frank looked at Percy with wide eyes. He mouthed: Can your sword do grenade form?
Percy mouthed back, No. Shut up.

pyrophoricitee  asked:

Judy has been shot through the hear and and is mopping about it. Nick try lifting her feelings by looking through it funnily :)

“It’s not so bad, Carrots. Not really.” the red fox soothed, handing over a modest bowl of bunny trails ice cream to the smaller mammal who grumped in the drivers seat. 

Her shoulders thudded against the back of the chair, one paw gripping the bowl while the other stabbed at the scoop of vanilla ice cream streaked with caramel, chocolate and peanut butter.”It’s humiliating.” came her mumbled reply. 

There was no helping it, despite his feeling responsible for making her feel better he couldn’t resist that childish pout she took on. She was always so professional, so the small glimpses into her softer sides were always a treat for him to gnaw on. 

“Awh, don’t be like that. You got praised when you got back from the hospital by Bogo, have been showered with all sorts of little treats - including that ice cream which is beginning to melt. If you’re not going to eat it..” A paw reached over the center console to come up empty handed as she twisted the frozen delight out of his reach. 

“I couldn’t hear half of it and I yelled - Yelled- all of my responses. I saw people snickering.” A little chocolate bunny was inserted into her mouth and she chewed. She really was feeling down, she wasn’t just stabbing the ice cream, she was digging out the little chocolate and peanut butter morsels hidden throughout. That was a depressed Judy move if ever he’d seen one. 

“Jamie and Mindo always sound like they’re cackling, they’re hyenas.” 

“That’s species-est, Officer Fox.” 

“Not if it’s true.” Nick scoffed in return, drawing his attention up to the sizeable culprit to her sour mood. A hole just about big enough for him to fit a pen through was marring one of her slumped ears near the side of her head, precursor by a streak of baldness that was beginning to fill out with fur again where the bullet had grazed his partner.  It had been such a close call, and she had gone down so fast out of shock and the volume of the sound of the weapon he was sure he’d see some horror show once he was on top of her. 

That vice grip clench on his chest returned whenever he lingered on it, reliving the memory, but now was not the time to let that lull him into silence. She was a stewer, and he needed to relieve some of that pressure. 

“Really, It’s quite fashionable, if you ask me.” he remarked, the woman rolling her eyes with a scoff. “No, really! Imagine all of the things you can do with it.” 

“Yeah, like what?” another chocolate bunny was ushered to its demise but at least he had her attention, however unamused it may have been. 

“Like, for one, you now have a really cool scar to go along with a really cool cop story. The only scar I have so far is right across my ass. How am I going to go around wooing vixens with a butt scar?” A toothy grin crossed his features, his tail wagging in emphasis and she rolled her eyes, turning her head to hide the hint of a smile behind her spoon. 

“Bitches love battlescars, Carrots.”

Nick.” Judy chided, crinkling her nose in amusement. “That leopard would have had you if you hadn’t been able to squeeze through that fence. What is it with you and big cats?”

“Hold on! We’re not even approaching the accessories you can now use. Not sure if you’re glammed up enough for a special event? Get yourself a gem encrusted cork! Pop it in there and you’re good. Or cuffs. You could have an ear cuff that jingles whenever your ear twitches. You’d be the belle of the ball with your bullet hole accessories. Do you hear that?” His right paw lifted his thumb to his ear, smallest digit toward his shout as if answering a phone. His eyes opened wide leaning forward in excitement, “It’s Vogue calling and they want your fashion secrets.” 

Her smaller paw reached out to paw at his muzzle, pushing him away with a low giggle, “Stop it, you’re being ridiculous now.” And there goes the first full scoop of ice cream. Success was within his grasp. 

“There are tactical benefits as well, Cotton tail.” A finger wagged at her, the rabbit now facing him with her back to her car door and ready for his analysis. “I could use it as a spy hole, you know? Just position you behind a bush and peer right through it.” 

“Jesus, Nick!” 

“Don’t like that? Well, we could also put a mirror in there, a little one so you can flash codes back and forth between agents and still have your hands free. A tactical hole. A tactcal-hole.” His fingers wiggled ominously and she couldn’t keep it in. 

Judy laughed, pushing against his chest with a foot as she righted herself through her fits of amusement. “You are a lunatic, Wilde! Keep your colorful ideas about my piercing to yourself from here on out, you hear?”

“Do you? I bet your reception would get even better if you fit a tiny satellite in there..” A spoon bounced off of his snout, caught just in time for him to pop it in his mouth to clean off what was left of the ice cream she’d been eating from it. 

It wasn’t long before they were on the road again, back on patrol and silence began to fall between the pair. He didn’t mind, however. The quiet was a far different quiet than before - her ears were up and alert, her eyes brighter and a contented turn of her lips replaced the stoic, reserved line they had that morning.

“Thank you.” His thick ears perked, a brow lifting as his lazy green eyes turned from her lips up to her own violet hues. 

“Mm?” he hummed.

“For… Everything. Just, thanks.” her smile grew a bit wider. A bit fonder. A bit more complete and he mirrored the gesture for a short moment before clicking his tongue and shaking his head to look back out of his own window. 

“Silly bunnies. So emotional.”