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Name: Mari
Age: 19
Country: Italy

I’m not really good at introducing myself but… let’s begin! I’m just a normal girl who’s looking for her place in the world. Right now, I’m really confused about what to do with my life, and it would be great to have someone I can talk to about these kind of things, and open up a bit, so I can avoid drowning myself in my thoughts. I’m more of a listener than a speaker,but I express myself better with writing and drawing. I’d love making a new friend who I can discuss all kinds of different things with, from silly talk to deep meaningful conversations. I used to have a schedule full of things to do, but now I’m taking a long break and I feel like I’m becoming lazy. Among the many things I love there are: dogs, as I have a big fluf dork myself, animals in general, the sea, cooking yummy dishes, reading all kinds of things from comics and mangas to psychology essays and adventure novels , travelling , expecially by train, writing and making notes about everything that inspires me, reflecting on life and its poetry, magic, going to the cinema and watching all kinds of movies besides horror or stupid ones. I also love tv series such as Stranger things, the good place, castle, ncis, but most of all animation, in which I wish to pursue a career, and cartoons -between my favourites are Wbb, Miraculous Ladybug and maaaany anime- and drawing, of course, so it would be great to exchange opinions, advice and sketches with someone who loves art too. Right now I’m learning French and Japanese, but I’d really like to practice my french with someone,even if my skills are close to zero. Finally, I cannot live without music, one of the most crucial things in my life, and I love movie soundtracks other than various artists. If you read this till the end, you have to know that I’m looking forward to a penpal with wich I can share lots of thoughts about different interests, passions and a new culture, thoughts about life and very long messages as well such as this one as well as silly one who can light up the day a bit. I’m not so serious as I sound, really, and if you can tell me about new, interesting and different things, you’re welcome!

Preferences: Not really, just be a nice, honest and respectful human being, and sincere about yourself. Age maybe 16-23.

apparently my obsession to Khun A.A Tower of God had gotten too high to the point where i (frequently) unconsciously draw A.A (him, his genderbend, anything that speaks “omg it’s khun” when u see it). This is like the 73832737th time.

At first i was like :

“Hey how about drawing a girl for a warm up”

“Let’s go with the blue pencil to sketch.”

“Okay let’s give her some nice flat bangs.”

“Hey she needs nice long eyelashes.”

“Let’s make her eyebrows thick.”

“Omg wait they’re too thick.”

“Whatever let’s just line everything with another blue pen.”

“Lol she looks like khun.”


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What brand and type of highlighlighter would I recommend for a beginner studyblr?

definitely daiso’s marking pens!! they look just like mildliners, but are so much cheaper as compared to mildliners!! 🌌

ID #59772

Name: Clarissa
Age: 17
Country: USA

Looking for a pen pal because why not? I’ve always been interested in that sort of thing. I love making new friends.

I’m about to be a senior in high school. I absolutely love art, tea, photography, Netflix, listening to music, reading traveling, and of course…. my cats.

I’m a pretty kind person, but I don’t tolerate any kind of disrespect.

I enjoy a whole variety of music, as well as movies.

I’m also Hispanic… along with that I have brown eyes, dark brown/black hair, and somewhat tan.

Preferences: I’d prefere someone around my age.


Would like to talk on here, social media, or messenger apps.. then letters later (:

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Guard Duty: My muse is an SCP and yours is the guard. //Hope you don't mind!

Host stood outside the containment pen as he looked around. He looked back at the SCP and tilted his head a bit. It was a bit confused as to why they were humanoid but shrugged it off.


Persona 5 Protagonist - Habits & Mannerisms

ID #40306

Name: Polina
Age: 18
Country: Russia

Hello, I am Polina (if you have trouble pronouncing my name then call me Polly, I am OK with it). Now I am living in Russia but I really want to make friends and penpals in other countries. I speak English fluently due to my job so I can talk by WhatsApp, Skype and chat via email. I can help anybody studying Russian literature and language.

I am easy going, very talkative person. Also I’m an artist so my main hobby is drawing ( i like to draw fanart an my OC’s). I like cosplaying, singing and playing weird instruments as well. I like tribal cultures: from remote tribes of South America to berbers and tuaregs and Native American cultures. I really like to talk about it.

I am quite interested in shamanism and other spiritual things.

My music preferences are: Theodor Bastard, Dead can Dance Betray My Secrets, the Beatles, Megadeth, Metallice, Wardruna, T.Rex etc.

My movies/cartoons preferences are: James Cameron’s Avatar, Atlantis: the Lost Empire, Zootopia, Brother Bear, Gotham, Vikings, Hannibal and many others.

I am quite a gamer so I like BatIM, Undertale, Dreamfall and the Longest Journey, the Witcher, Skyrim.

Also I am really into musicals of any kind. My favourite is Phantom of the Opera.

Preferences: 16+ and if you’re OK with me being Russian and being LGBT. I am also Ok with all types of gender.

ID #33755

Name: Grace
Age: 14
Country: Australia

Helloooo, I’m Grace and am going on an exchange program to Italy very soon. The reason I’m on here is because of multiple reasons: I need help with learning Italian, and I would love to make friends from overseas! I love tv shows and really enjoy reading and writing as well. Photography and astronomy are also things that I really enjoy (although am still quite a noob), and astrology has really been growing on me.

Preferences: If you are from Italy that is preferred, since I need to learn the language. I also would prefer someone closer to my age, up to 18 or under maybe?

a soft boy

Really quick lazy doodle of Prompto enjoying the summer! :>

ID #49260

Name: Eline
Age: 15
Country: the Netherlands

I really want to meet new people and i’m a little bit socially anxious so I thought I’d try this out! I speak English and Dutch and I’m currently learning Spanish (in my free time) and German (at school). I love music, classic literature and tv shows. Some tv shows I like are twin peaks, friends, trailer park boys and I’m currently watching narcos. I’m also really into art (klimt is probably my favourite artist). It’d be cool to write someone who is fluent in either Spanish or German so I could get better at those languages but if you don’t speak those languages it’s cool.

Preferences: 15+