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When I had you it didn’t feel like anything was ever wrong, even when it was. Every other part of my life could have been falling apart but when I was with you, it still felt like everything was okay. You allowed me to ignore the fact that I hated my job because knowing I got to come home to you got me through the work day. And I thought this was a blessing but it was actually just keeping me from making the changes in my life that I needed to make. I didn’t try to make a life I’d be happy with on my own because you were the best part of my life and I thought I’d always have you. But this was self destructive because you were my strongest painkiller, you didn’t actually make everything better, you just made it feel like it was.

A little John and Penny BrOTP for @akireyta and @preludeinz and anybody else who loves them.  With a side helping of Pen and Ink…

“Are you sure?  I thought his name was John, not Gordon.”

“John is the tall red haired one.  And I now what you mean.  I remember seeing them together when they were at University!  There were rumours then about them, but nobody was ever able to prove it.  That’s why this is such a choice bit of gossip!  She’s obviously thrown him over for his brother.”

“His younger brother!  Isn’t Gordon Tracy younger than Penelope?”

“A year or so, I think.  He’s certainly not her style!  So brash!  So…. American!”

“But very good looking!  And he’s an olympic gold medallist swimmer.  His body is amazing!”

“Oh I;’ll agree with that!  But still..   It’s certainly a surprise!  I wonder how John Tracy is taking it.”

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Honestly the best part of the movie.

(Redbubble) (My Star Wars art was removed last time, so maybe an limited run)