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Sweeter Bitter 2 of 3

Chapter 1

A/N: You are losing your senses one strand at a time.

I opened my eyes to the sound of a vibrating phone. I peeked my head through the layers and stretched as the satiation from last night rippled throughout my body. I opened the message and blinked, staring blankly at the text.

How’s Cali?

I sat up in the bed and gazed around at the empty room.

What the fuck does he mean? I thought.

Haha. 😐
As if you don’t already know.

I don’t that’s why I’m asking.

Where are you?


No the fuck you’re not.“ I say aloud. "You are here, I saw you twice.”

I pulled back the covers and padded into the empty bathroom, I came out and walked throughout the two room suite. I called his name, but I was met with silence. There was no evidence of last nights activities except for the ache between my thighs. My purse and shoes were exactly where I left them. I retraced my footsteps from last night and I walked back into the bedroom and noticed that my dress was exactly where he dropped it. I picked up my dress and tossed it on the chair. My phone vibrated in my hand and I jumped as my adrenaline started to rise.

Doll. Is everything ok?

Why are you doing this?

Doing what?

I saw you in the elevator in the hotel in Cali and then again last night here in Vegas.


FaceTime started ringing and I answered.

“Doll, do you miss me that much that you’re seeing me everywhere you go?”

“I’m not crazy. I know I saw you.” I explained gazing at the screen.

“It wasn’t me.” He pauses. “I just finished my workout with the guys and we’re going to head back to the house to chill out.”

I was shaking my head. “You’re here. You spoke to me.”

“Doll, I’m not.” He turns the phone so that I could see the gym and the guys scattered throughout finishing up their workout. He turns the phone around, so that I can see his face. “Your mind is playing tricks on you.”

“Yeah, I guess. I have to go.” I say cutting the conversation short. I  hung up the phone and tossed it on the bed.

“What the fuck is going on and who the hell did I sleep with?”


“How did you sleep?” Steph asked as she took a sip of her Bloody Mary.

I ignored her question. “Did you see a guy with a white shirt hanging out in the lounge last night?”

“No.” She grinned. “I didn’t see anyone, but Alec.”


“Seriously? The tall Greek god with those lustful gray eyes.” She says licking her lips. I rolled my eyes.

I asked the other girls, Tessa and Dawn, but they also didn’t see anyone worth looking at except Alec, whose magnetism not only captured their attention, but also the entire room as I thought back on the night before. Sebastian said he was in the lounge, he saw us with Alec, but I couldn’t recall if I saw him. I sat back in silence, I had a vivid imagination, but this was surreal, why would he lie about being in Cali? He has no reason to and I know for a fact that both encounters happened. I didn’t make that up, did I?

I dove into the pool and swam two laps, I perched myself at the edge and stared at the guests around me. My heart began to hammer as I saw the familiar blue shades and black hat sitting on a stool at the bar drinking something and gazing at me. Someone must’ve said something because he turned away and began laughing. Two guys emerged blocking my view of him, when they parted he wasn’t there. I swam across the pool and made my way to where I thought Sebastian was sitting, I looked around, but I didn’t see him, I stared down at his half empty glass.

“Ma'am. Can I help you?”

I turned to see the flamboyant bartender gazing at me. “The guy that was sitting, do you know where he went?”

“Sorry, Doll. I didn’t see.”

Doll, why is he calling me Doll, only Sebs does that.

As I walked away I overheard the bartender calling someone else, Doll, and I shook my head. I think I am losing my mind I thought as I walked passed the cabanas into a gift shop, where as luck would have it I saw him.

With a triumphant grin I approached him. “New York my ass. I knew it was you. I’m not making it up now am I?” I say as I pulled off the hat and sunglasses. I gasped. This was not Sebastian, the man was bald with brown eyes. “I’m so sorry.” I exclaimed.

The man snatches his items out of my hand and swore as he walked away.

I exited the gift shop and saw Tessa as she approached me, “hun, are you alright?”

I nod. “Yeah, I thought I knew him.”

I made up an excuse and found myself back in the hotel room, wracking my brain into exhaustion, falling asleep a short while later.

Unbeknownst to me the door connecting my room to the adjacent suite opens and out steps Sebastian in a cream colored shirt and red shorts. He knew she will murder him once she finds out that he’s been here the entire time, but he couldn’t help it, he loved drivng her a strand away from madness.

He crept slowly from the room and into the second room of the suite that had a sofa, he found her asleep on the sofa in a shirt that rode up, exposing her underwear and stomach, the light summer blanket was tangled between one of her leg and part of it hung on the floor. She looked too peaceful to wake, but his hardness had other plans.

How was he going to wake her up?

My eyelids fluttered as I slowly came out of my dream state. My mind was still lucid and I knew I was dreaming, but my body was awake and aroused.

I tensed.

“Doll.” His voice, that delicious sensation between my thighs. “Wake up.”

I was awake. Wasn’t I? Is this a dream? Fuck, my dreams never felt this good. The ripples of pleasure overtakes my limbs and my mind snapped into reality, I moaned loudly gripping the cushions of the sofa as he lapped up my essence. My body began quivering as he entered me slowly, his hands planted firmly on my thighs as he eased out slowly and entered just as agonizingly slow.

I looked up at him and was aroused even further when he bit his bottom lip and his baby blues darkened before my eyes. I laced my fingers around his neck and pulled my hip up to meet his thrust.

Sebastian took immense pleasure in seeing her trying to win their bedroom battles, her delicate frame able to handle the force he exerted upon her. Sadly enough for her he never let’s her win these battles, his ego wouldn’t let him take one for the team. He thrust deeply into her core and stills feeling every muscle contraction, this was home, he knew her insides just as well as her outside, he knew which angles made her melt around him, the positions that renders her helpless, the spots that had her begging for him to end her agony, which tone of voice to use, and the look that caused her heart, skin, and pulses to radiate that intense heat only he could quell.

 He knew by the look in her eyes what would satisfy her; the way she sat and her body language told him how roughly she wanted it, and now, he knows she wanted an instant knockout that will let her sleep soundly, but he had to pace himself for the hours ahead, he would give her a little and gradually increasing until he drove her into madness. She had no idea what she has gotten herself into. She was almost there, he felt her muscle contracting every few seconds and her eyes were closed tightly as she tried to ward off her trembling legs. She bit her bottom lip trying to quell her screams and nothing irritated him more, he was giving her all she desired and he expected to hear her screams of approval. 

He tugs on her chin, freeing her bottom lip, he kisses her heavily, leaving her gasping for air. He presses his hand on her belly as he felt himself in her, she was close and so was he.

“Sebastian, please.” She cooed.

Her body was now his and that was all it took for the both of them to ride the wave of undying passion together. He collapsed on top of her, their breathing heavy, labored, and in sync.

“Dollface.” He whispers in her ear before he lifted his weight from her and disappeared into the bedroom.

Post Note: This short three part series came out of nowhere and I hope you enjoy it. The next chapter of Convergence will be queued up close to the end of the week. 


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Hokushin VS Raizen coming up!!! Oh no I have to draw action ahhh hahaha…ha… help I’m going on a quick trip so won’t be able to get to the next few pages for a while. BUT I’M COMMITTED TO THIS

Getting a little braver and inking everything this time, not just the panel borders and text (plus the pencils were taking me too long to clean). I’m really loving this fude pen.

Random aside: The more I think about it, the more I feel that some sort of action adventure game with a character like Hokushin would be so cool. Rokurokubi attacks and animations have the potential to be so fascinating and mesmerizing, and the puzzle solving and physics aspects would be awesome. And of course you can throw in all the sword-fighting, archery, horseback riding, court/political intrigue etc. fun of a medieval Japan setting. And frankly I’d suck at it all since I have terrible hand-eye coordination. But I love the idea of it!

And there was nothing poetic about wanting to kill myself and writing so many suicide notes in my head explaining how sorry I was for the things I did not become. There was nothing poetic and beautiful about crying myself to sleep every night for the past 5 years hoping someone would care enough to save me. No one saved me. No one was going to save me because there is nothing poetic about thinking you can’t be saved. There is nothing poetic about staring at a blank wall for an entire day or smiling and laughing the next and having people think “oh she’s fine.” There was nothing poetic and beautiful about trying to take my own life. There is nothing poetic and beautiful about my mother having a panic attack every time I have a bad day and lock my door. There is nothing poetic and beautiful about me not taking my pills because I don’t know who I am without this sadness. There is nothing poetic and beautiful about having depression and wishing you were dead. There was nothing poetic and beautiful about my depression or anyone else’s depression nor will there ever be anything beautiful and poetic about it.
—  Fuck anyone that says it’s beautiful//Deeply Feeling Series
Sometimes a hello is an ‘I hope I get to know you,’ sometimes it’s an ‘I’ve missed you,’ sometimes it’s a 'God, I love you,’ and sometimes it’s just a 'hello.’