pen flowers


this past week’s spread! this is a little how-to on how I make my weekly bujo spreads :)) btw these all start out on blank bulleted pages and I hand-draw everything out w black pens

You make amazing things happen! Don’t give up yet! ( @thatsthat24 ‘s Mortality because Thomas makes me extremely happy and so do flowers so made this!) 

Please don’t give up yourself yet! You’re an amazing person!! Just don’t overwork yourself and take necessary breaks- and I hope reading this helped you today, whoever you are~ 

I love you! Have a beautiful day!


🐇Hey~ Haven’t been posting anything recently, so I decided to show you this week’s spread🐇 ☕️It’s also cozy, but simpler than the last one, it’s more flowery and pretty (because I really want spring to come already, go away winter)☕️ 🌸Also I’ve developed a Huge addiction to washi tapes - I mean, look at this beauties!🌸 🌿My order is going to arrive very soon, there’s a lot of new stationary, so can’t. wait.🌿 ~Have a good time everyone~