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If you can find something funny, even the slightest bit funny, in a moment where the rest of you is a ruin of anger and confusion and sadness - the moment lightens.

(Another little headcanon: Pike loves the fun buns and wants them in all the time but Vax still has to help her because those things are hard and anyway it’s nice to have someone do your hair.)

  • me, talking to anyone within listening distance: taz is so good, it's just, it's just so good, no trust me, really, it's amazing, i love it, it's so good, no, come back, listen to me, it's the adventure zone and it's so good, no please, come back, it's amazing, please listen to it

The Nanny 2x23 A Kiss Is Just a Kiss

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could i request when they buy you food and it has something you're allergic to and you start having a reaction for hyungwon wonho jooheon and i.m

Their reaction to you having an allergic reaction (Hyungwon, Jooheon, I.M & Wonho)

Hyungwon: Hyungwon decided he was going to treat you to a nice meal at home. He knew how much going out made you nervous so he wanted to keep it at home. After finding a recipe online he went to the store and bought the ingredients. “Honey! I’m home! It smells really good in here, what’d you make?” Hyungwon said nothing as he finished setting the table and put the food down. He gestured for you to eat and you picked up the spoon and held it to your mouth. “YAH! DON’T EAT THAT!” Hyungwon yelled at you after smacking the spoon out of your mouth. “I used peanuts in the salad, sorry baby. Pizza?”

Jooheon: Jooheon knew you were allergic to fish so he always kept away from it. But one day you were at the studio and all the guys decided to buy you lunch. Wonho decided to make it a surprise so he ordered the food and you all waited. The food got there and you were ready to dig in but before you could the food was taken from you. “Wonho, is there fish in here?” There was, so Jooheon gave you his chicken and he ate your fish.

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I.M: It was a lazy day and I.M decided to order lunch. After ordering the food he called you down and sat at the table. “Mhmm. Smells so good! What’d your order?” You asked him as you say next to him, picking up your chopsticks. “It’s just a new soup with a lot of spices and whole grain noodle. Why?” He asked, but as he thought about it he knew you were allergic to some spice but not a certain one. “Babe. Wait, don’t eat that. You might be allergic to it.”

Wonho: Both you and Wonho had been working really hard lately so it was time for a treat, Hawaiian pizza. It was Wonhos favorite so he decided he wanted to share the happiness with you. He knew you had never had it so when he called you down to eat, he was so excited. “Babe! Come on! I want to show you the wonders of this pizza!” After you swallowed your first bite you started to get red in the face. “Pen…ep…i…..pen” you wheezed out. Wonho acted quickly. He grabbed the pen, pulled down your pants and stuck it in your thigh. After he saw you were going back to normal he held you in his arms and asked “Why didn’t you tell me you were allergic to pineapple?”

-A (note: epipens can to be injected into the thigh. So don’t try and correct me.)