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021116 // what’s in my bag/pencil case! 

backpack: old joyrich i’ve had since my 10th grade, soon to be replaced by a kånken bc the zipper no longer stays closed properly

what’s inside: water bottle, pencil case, a thin binder (freebie from my uni), a square lined notebook, my bullet journal, deodorant, earphones (again, freebies from a tour bus), my wallet, my calculator (ti-nspire cx), a set-square/protractor (super useful!) 

inside my pencil case: staedler triplus fineliner 10-colour set, pilot frixion pastel highlighters, hobonichi freebie multi barrel pen, pilot juice 0.38 black pen, dior lip glow balm, a nasty-looking eraser, my pen drive, correction tape, a hello kitty mechanical pencil and 0.7 refills, dark red stabilo point 88 

not pictured: house keys, umbrella (usually in one of the side pockets), lab coat and laptop (i only take them when i know i need them), my lunch box (some days, like today, i have time to eat at home)

Potter Week Prompts day 8 “Happee Birthdae”

Thanks to @taryndraws and her prompts for giving me 8 days of art direction, it was a lot of fun!



Hola a todos y todas, ya me puedes pedir mis braguitas y pañales usados para que las uses como las desees y puedas dar rienda suelta a tus fantasías con una parte de mi, tu solo pide como te gustarían, con flujo y muy olorosas, mojadas de pis, que me corra en ellas, manchadas con mi regla con o sin compresa sucia.

Te las envío con una memoria ( Pen drive) para que puedas ver el video de como las use para ti , te las coloco en un empaque al vacío para que puedan conservar su olor, y el paquete de envio será discreto.

Por sólo 40€ podrás tener una braguita usada con su video por mi.

Besos para todos y todas.

What the signs remind me of 💭👑

Aries: racing your friends on bikes//summer// long talks with your best friend// eating ice cream on a hot day// getting a sweet text message

Taurus: long car rides//big trees// giving someone a box of chocolate// fancy pens// dancing

Gemini: cats// driving aimlessly// laughing// making stupid videos with your friends// silly smiles

Cancer: getting a tight hug// having fun with your mom// lollipops//holding hands with your friends// junk food

Leo: happy screaming// fashions// a bright light that emits heat// white washed Jeans// lipstick

Virgo: smudged glasses// rolling your eyes at a stupid joke// oversized sweaters// hot chocolate// sharpies

Libra: ballerinas// long necks// laying alone under a tree// soft breezes// laughing so hard you can’t breath// lemons

Scorpio: memes// the relief of spotting your friends in a big crowd// black hoodies// furrowed brows // twirling around for no reason

Sagittarius: asking a lot of questions in class// nerdy glasses// converse// pranks //passports// freshly cut grass

Capricorn: serious looks,then bursting out laughing// getting a good grade// playing tag when it’s dark and cold out// spinning around in a office chair// sticky notes

Aquarius: planners// Hanging out with squad// wandering alone// skateboarding// freckles// waking up early and having a lot of energy

Pisces: happy crying// a beautiful sunrise// ring pops// pinching someone// seas shells



I will be taking my Kanken backpack (so excited! ) on the days I have a long schedule, which will mostly be on Thursdays.

Main compartment:
- notebooks and folders from Staples
- one notebook from Muji

- iPad
- wallet with my metro card and ID
-makeup bag
- pencil case
○ Muji pens
○Muji stapler
○ flash drive

Front compartment:
- sunglasses
- keys
- earphones

Not included:
- lunch for the day

What You Don't Know (for sure) Can't Hurt You


Summary: Kunikida Doppo is seventeen pens down and fuming. Luckily, an anonymous friend is waiting for him with a strong drink and an open ear. (contains alcohol consumption)

Pairing: Kunikida Doppo/Chuuya Nakahara ( + Kouyou Ozaki/Akiko Yosano)

Word Count:  2681

Written for the BSD Rarepair Week 2017

Prompt: Day 4 -Things Left Unsaid

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