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I realized I was so excited for Autumn, yet I hadn’t done anything to commemorate the occasion. So I drew this. Nothing special. Just a sketch.

Anyway it’s midnight here.


(expect reblogs because absolutely NO ONE who follows me is going to leave their dash without knowing it’s Fall)

anonymous asked:

I have a suggestion (idk if you are taking these if not then take this into consideration!) What if since Mettaton has his own cooking show what if he dis something like that one cooking show on tv (I think it was "the devil's kitchen or something like that)

Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmare’s are already two of my favorite shows. Just throw this fool into the mix and you’ve got him slicing entrees with chainsaws and posing dramatically whenever the desserts come out.


And here they are – the entire Zesty orchestra chibi crew! I actually thought about having them printed in some way as a birthday present for myself, but I officially got myself orchestra Meebo in ToLink for my own birthday and I’ll move house pretty soon, so no more self-indulgent money-spending, I’m afraid, bleurgh
Anyway, what do you think about stickers? I think stickers would be cute. I could put them everywhere

I’ll let them rest for a few days and then see whether I hate them already. If not, I might actually fix them if necessary and maybe think about the printing thing.
…Maybe I should have made them bigger…

Now I need a set of kimono chibis, too. Or for my other AUs… or both… hmmmmmmm…



(based off of this)