pen ink

I know you’re doing your best and you rock for it and fuck everyone who doesn’t think it’s enough.

Day 18 of inktober!

“What would the Sanders Sides go as for Halloween??”

Inspired by one video where Virgil said “Thanks for noticing me.” (Which I assume was quoted from Eeyore?)

Also, the signed creativity poster I ordered came in the mail last night! I love it so much!! Thank you, Thomas, if you see this!!


The best part about life is that there’s magic in ordinary places. Sometimes it’s obvious like in the air on Christmas morning and sometimes you have to look for it. But it’s always there, every day you get a chance to find magic.

It seems you’re so busy, that you won’t even have time to miss me.

— if I die tonight.

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Day 16 of inktober!

Today I had to depict the feeling of Fall. I love the weather.

It’s dark, yet the clouds are always super bright like snow. It’s calm, quiet, and just a little chilly. It always looks like it’s going to rain outside, but then it never does. Everything is still, and the colors are faded and cold, but the moment you step inside a house or a store, there’s color everywhere and it smells like candy and spices.

It’s the best time to sit in bed all day with a hot cocoa and a stack of blankets, binge-watching your favorite shows or reading your favorite book. No obligations, everything is peaceful.

Fall is the feeling of home and familiarity, no matter where you are.


Yeah I really, really liked you but I also don’t need you. I miss certain things because it was fun and you were fun and we were fun together but you weren’t my life and I was fine before I met you and I’m fine now.