Pemzini and I were joking about a tiny evil sea pirate that was a greencheek conure parrot who sailed the seven seas, making everyone tremble in his wake. He was determined the rule over the last fruit bearing island on earth and nobody was going to stand in his way for he had an army of many pirate parrots who, with a snap of his talons, would lay waste to anyone who threatened their Captain’s evil cheeky plot!
So…here he is: fear him.


This literally happened the other day…

Professorpemzini and I were driving to a job when Pemzini was babbling on about something and then stopped and asked me if I wanted a sip from their coffee drink when suddenly………..the drink somehow slipped out of their hands and went right into my lap, all over my dress pants! D:

So, I thought I’d draw Ingo and Emmet in the same situation. 

Anywhoo…….dedicated to one of the biggest clutz I know, my twin, Pemzini. <3



I’ve taken some spare time to doodle people I like.

I’m not entirely finished since there’s a lot more I haven’t done yet, but they’re on my to-do list.

For now here’s what I have so far.


Gob (turbogobstopper)

Wifi (speedywifi)

Risa (hail-risaxrisa)

Cerise (cerise-the-traveling-artist)

Azura (miss-azura)



Patches (the-patched-king)

Salmon (thekingvictorious)


Feral (feral-candybug)

Pemzini (a-cybug-with-glasses)

Lurker (lordcandycane)


I’m cleaning and packing things up around the house since we’re moving and there was a stack of Pemzini’s and my drawing sitting on the floor, just, you know…out in the open where everyone in the whole household is stepping over and stuff…and I see this one that doesn’t look familiar. I’m like, “I don’t remember that one…???” so I pick it up and unfold it (because it’s sort of folded and crumpled) and IT’S A MOTHER FUCKING SWEET RIDE TURBO AND KC PORNO DRAWING THAT PEMMIE DID! I was just like:

It was just-Just….sitting there…out in the open for the whole world to see!!!! Like dick up butt dirty talk porno, mkay?

It’s not like our grandmother wasn’t walking over it or anything…. 

Pemzini, really? Get your shit together.