Vladimir - Master of Lies and Deceit

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Actually, starting off, I didn’t really like it because I thought using the Tablet over the pencil/paper was a bad idea, as I’m planning to become a 2D animator. Meaning I improve the drawing with the tablet, though it becomes more of a redraw than just simple editing of the illustration, and if I don’t draw great on paper, than I’m dead as a doornail (And for some reason my traditional skill hasn’t been on-par with my digital drawing skill; a situation that has almost made me lose faith in my Artistry, and it still is *sad face*). But eventually I decided to get back to it, and it actually turned out a lot better than what I originally visualized (Which was having the face in the back be all red/glow-y and kinda flickery, but after I just gave him glowy eyes, I gave up on the red glitchy stuff, which lead to me feeling a quite proud impression on its results) and about halfway through I decided to declare it as gift (I was actually working on another picture featuring Vlad that was really going to be the gift as it shows a lot more meaning from the inspiration these two have left on me, but I still feel there’s more to be done with it so I finished this one off instead).

I dedicate this to the ever-amazing Dezzoi and ProfessorPemzini for being such great inspirations to me as of recent times :)

<333 You guys are great artists!

Vladimir © DetectiveScheper

I hope I’m not confusing you with my borzoi character having the same name your dog has (I’ve had him for a few years before I found out your gorgeous dog has the same name - Coincidence isn’t it?

“All the customers are buying
And the money’s multiplying
And the PR people are lying
And the lawyers are denying
Who cares if a few trees are dying?
This is all so gratifying”

More once-ler artz! Drawing Once-ler a bit in my style, sort of my take on him (what with the sideburns, crooked teeth and purple tinted glasses) xP
Larger File:


This literally happened the other day…

Professorpemzini and I were driving to a job when Pemzini was babbling on about something and then stopped and asked me if I wanted a sip from their coffee drink when suddenly………..the drink somehow slipped out of their hands and went right into my lap, all over my dress pants! D:

So, I thought I’d draw Ingo and Emmet in the same situation. 

Anywhoo…….dedicated to one of the biggest clutz I know, my twin, Pemzini. <3



I’m cleaning and packing things up around the house since we’re moving and there was a stack of Pemzini’s and my drawing sitting on the floor, just, you know…out in the open where everyone in the whole household is stepping over and stuff…and I see this one that doesn’t look familiar. I’m like, “I don’t remember that one…???” so I pick it up and unfold it (because it’s sort of folded and crumpled) and IT’S A MOTHER FUCKING SWEET RIDE TURBO AND KC PORNO DRAWING THAT PEMMIE DID! I was just like:

It was just-Just….sitting there…out in the open for the whole world to see!!!! Like dick up butt dirty talk porno, mkay?

It’s not like our grandmother wasn’t walking over it or anything…. 

Pemzini, really? Get your shit together. 

The Relentless Hero


For Pemzini
Their Cardigan Corgi hero character, Roy, determined to get to his destination (not sure what) and his filled with nubby hatred! Maybe this is after Argus’ death and it has sparked an inner flame full of rage??? 

Set in a war, the story is filled with loved ones lost and heartbreak but, at the same time lots of courage and inner strength. 

Damn, I suck at drawing corgis…

Roy © Pemzini

Indominus and Klaus having an exchanging of words across the royal banquet dinner table.

Careful, Indominus….I wouldn’t trust anything Klaus says…

(just from a little fanfiction Pemzini and I are doing just for fun)

Indominus and Klaus © to us
Leopardmon/Duftmon and Gallantmon/Dukemon designs © to digimon


Pemzini, our Nana, and I went to “Laps for Charity” an event down at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway where you pay to go on the NASCAR oval track with your personal car (as long as it is street legal) and all the money is donated to Children’s Chairty. So, these were the pics that were taken of us while on the track (corner 1 and finish line) with our Ford Mustang GT!