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  • Fall Out Boy - The Phoenix
  • Pierce The Veil ft. Kellin Quinn - King For A Day
  • 5 Seconds of Summer - Beside You
  • We The Kings - I Feel Alive
  • 5 Seconds of Summer - Jasey Rae cover
  • 5 Seconds of Summer - Heartbreak Girl
  • 5 Seconds of Summer - Good Girls
  • A Day To Remember - It’s Complicated
  • A Day To Remember - All Sings Point to Lauderdale
  • Green Day - American Idiot

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pemmz asked:

(just random numbers so dont judge what questions i happen to choose) 5, 13, 37, 49, 22, 16 :))

5: Do you take drugs?

well alcohol is a drug but other than that no

13: Biggest turn ons

ok look honestly i don’t have a lot of turn ons like ok there are things that i find very attractive but the only thing that really turns me on is true love. i’m such a cliché man but i really don’t think i could ever be with someone if i didn’t feel that all consuming love. i tried once and no

16: I’ll love you if

you are a pug

22: What I want to be when I get older


37: One of my insecurities

i sure have a lot of those but tbh i have such a bad posture it makes me not want to leave my house ever

ah emma i can always count on you thank you :*

pemmz asked:

I really like my positive attitude towards most things in life :) (you prob wont get my url 'cause its an old nickname ^^)

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Effie Trinket!

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pemmz asked:

how has your week been my dear lina

awful but hopefully next week will be better. im seeing the hives on thursday so im excited :** how was your week? <3

pemmz replied to your post:how has your week been my dear lina

sorry to hear but awesome with the concert!! my week has been alright but ive felt pretty bad since a concert me and a friend had planned attending since may got cancelled and also the election results, 13% is not fucking ok

oh man that sucks :( hope it gets rescheduled! what concert btw?

and yeah, tell me about it. what the fuck is happening to this country i just don’t understand

pemmz replied to your post:pemmz replied to your post:rhcp? any plans on…

yeah tell me about it i just spent all my money on my ticket lol but oh ok, probably not worth it then! which band btw? :)

KSMB :) for me it was only worth it when it was green day playing tbh. i’m debating on whether i should go see patti smith at way out west or not. fucking festivals man. are you going to bråis for all time low btw? 

pemmz replied to your post:rhcp?

any plans on going to bråis this summer my dear?? :)

unfortunately not, there’s only one band i’d really like to see so idk it doesn’t seem worth it. festivals are hella expensive dude :(

pemmz asked:

4, 13, 25 & 28 :))

04: Your views on religion.

dude i could talk about this all day but i’m way too tired to discuss this right now. basically i think everyone should be allowed to think and believe whatever they want as long as they don’t hurt anyone.

13: Somewhere you’d like to move or visit.

i might be moving to london in the spring/next autumn which would be a dream come true. other than that, my dream country to visit is kenya.

25: Someone who fascinates you and why.

i think david bowie is the most fascinating human being i can possibly imagine. i can’t say why. i don’t know where to begin. he’s just so many things at once.

28: Something that you miss.

i definitely don’t miss school but i do miss that feeling of relief when skipping whole days to stay at home and watch movies instead of going through those toxic halls. all the anxiety just disappears. that’s something i really do miss.

thank you emma <3

pemmz asked:

9 19 30 43 73 :))

9. How tall are you?

like 162 cm. maybe even just 160 cm

19. Do you want a church wedding?

i’m flattered emma but i don’t think we’re there just yet

30. How many pillows do you sleep with?


43. Can you do any other accents other than your own?

heck yeah i’m like the master of accents. i like to switch accents in the middle of a conversation so no one ever takes me seriously

73. Do you correct people when they make mistakes?

well it depends what kind of mistake we’re talking about and also who the person is. if a friend wants me to read their english essay and give feedback, i will correct their mistakes. but other than that idk i don’t talk to people much so i’m not put in these kinds of situations very often

thank you emma <3