pemberly digital

This has been the majority of my morning… well, since I woke up, that is.  I had to check to see how many collgeg credits I was getting from my AP and IB scores but then I got on and made this.  I’ve loved the show and hope that I can either get permission to make this into a shirt or ‘they’ can after I send it to them.  loved, loved, LOVED! Available on CafePress! ——> Buy it, wear it, LOVE IT!

It’s almost the end of the year so I’m working on all of our year end numbers, royalties, payroll, taxes, etc. I loved seeing this chart of website sales this morning (it doesn’t include iTunes sales, booth sales from conferences, or revenue from our Indiegogo/Kickstarter fulfillment service, those are separate charts).

DFTBA’s fourth quarter website sales have basically doubled year over year for the past few years. And even the slower first half of the year grows steadily (more than doubling in 2013 over 2012). We also saw our biggest single day of sales in 2013, of over $100,000 in one day.

Over $130,000 in charity donations were raised this year on through the sales of TSWGO wristbands, Harry Potter Alliance projects, Foundation to Decrease World Suck merch, and Charles Trippy’s cancer ribbon shirts. We hired seven new employees this year and tripled our warehouse space. We fulfilled huge crowdfunded campaigns for Story War and the Emmy-award winning Lizzie Bennet Diaries.

And every year I think, “no way can we top this next year” and, so far, every year I’ve been happily proven wrong.

We have so many cool projects lined up for next year though that I’m not even going to start doubting this time.