Fitzwilliam Darcy’s Inner Struggles, created by garrulus

EDIT: It was brought to my attention today that I posted this instead of reblogging it from the original source, garrulus. This perhaps makes it seem like I was trying to take credit for something that I did not create, however the reality is that I came across these gifs in Pinterest and saved them on there before I even had tumblr. When I started figuring out how tumblr works I posted this set of gifs because I just love them, not because I was trying to give the impression that I made them. 

I do apologize if this was interpreted as rude or deceitful; it was never meant that way, I only posted it because I find it so wonderful. 

This has been the majority of my morning… well, since I woke up, that is.  I had to check to see how many collgeg credits I was getting from my AP and IB scores but then I got on and made this.  I’ve loved the show and hope that I can either get permission to make this into a shirt or ‘they’ can after I send it to them.  loved, loved, LOVED! Available on CafePress! ——> Buy it, wear it, LOVE IT!

Follow the flow chart to pick your next webseries binge!

I remember seeing something like this quite a lot time ago, but thought I’d make an updated version! I wanted to include a few more shows (like, off the top of my head: I didn’t write this, project dashwood, 221B, cupid and eros, or so the story goes, shrew that, the nick carraway chronicles) but space got really tight so sorry if your favourite isn’t there.

Mr Darcy eternally appeals to female readers because we like the idea of “melting the iceberg.” Mr Knightley eternally appeals to female readers because we like that there was never really an iceberg to melt in the first place.

The key difference between those two men.

“I’m impossible and difficult and snobbish, but the right woman can change me!”

“I guess, I’m just basically a nice, simple and good guy and only ever wanted one woman.”

The genius of Jane Austen.  She offers women two versions of the Knight in Shining armor.

 And let’s them pick whomever they like.