Chee (TSC)

Quio and myself first encountered Chee on the Torf.

He is a Pemalite and probably the last of his species. He is sick and possibly dying. The plan is to take him onto the Shormlit, have him get the morphing ability via an Escafil device, morph, and then demorph and then be free of whatever is making him sick.

Trivia (?)

-Allowed Eoptis to acquire him

-Finds being acquired a very peaceful experience

-Is a trasngender

-Is accepting of me and I don’t know if that’s a trait of all Pemalites or just him

-Only eats meat if the animal was killed peacefully

The Torf (TSC)

Bob (the Skrit Na Captain) requested that we get cargo from a ship. I agreed to this as it would allow us a chance to attempt an alliance with the Skrit Na. Bob did not say what kind of ship, just co-ordinates for the ship and a place to meet back up. Oh, and also the activity by both Andalites and Yeerks in the region that the ship was in.

The ship turned out to be a Pemalite ship. The Pemalites are an extinct race and none of them survives at the present time.

My daughter, Quio, named the Pemalite ship Torf after an Andalite fighting move in which the goal is to stun, not kill, your opponent. I allowed Torf to be the name of a ship of an extinct pacifist species as torf isn’t a move designed to kill.

A species known as Howlers attacked the Torf, like they did the rest of the Pemalites. This must mean that the Torf is not far from the Pemalite home world.

The damage done by the Howlers on the Torf is:

One of the front paws is blasted off, one of the other front paws’ claws has been burned off from the inside, and its rear is heavily damaged.

For now it appears stable, but I am afraid that there is some slight damage that has been overlooked. Inior is a bright child, but this is his first real world experience at entering a ship in a state like the Torf is in.

Quio and I have entered the Torf, albeit by means that aren’t recommended, and we both passed out from lack of air. However, she and I both awoke for some strange reason.

Important Trivia

-Possibly one of the last remaining Pemalite ships in existence

-Is where Chee was found

-Communication is done via a hologram that shifts its shape from a blue square to a blue cube to whoever you’re communicating with