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❮Since the Pemalites considered everyone a friend, their ship’s adapted to accommodate different life-forms. You touch one of the interface panels throughout the ship, your life-form is analyzed, and the ship provides you with the correct environment.❯

❮How do we get in and shut off the signal?❯ I said, heading for a deserted dune far away from the crowd around the whale.

❮Mr. King gave us an access code that’ll get us into the main computer,❯ Jake said, his tone sardonic. ❮Everybody memorize it: Six.❯

❮Six?❯ I said.

❮Six,❯ he confirmed.
—  Book #27: The Exposed, pg. 82 (by K.A. Applegate)
‘We could not save the Pemalites. They would die. But we could try and rescue some part of them. We hoped we could keep their hearts, their souls alive somehow. We looked for an Earth species we could use to harbor the essence of the Pemalites. Their decency. Their kindness. Their playfulness and love.’

'Wolves,’ Cassie said, once again way ahead of me.

Erek looked surprised, but he nodded his holographically projected human head. 'Yes. They looked most like the Pemalites themselves. We grafted the essence of the Pemalites into the wolf species. And from that union, dogs were created. To this day, most dogs carry within them the essence of the Pemalites. Not all, but most. Wherever you see a dog playing, chasing a stick, running around barking for the sheer joy of life, you see the remnants of the race of Pemalites.’

'That’s why all these dogs are here,’ Jake said. 'They’re your…what, friends? Creators?’

'They are our joy,’ Erek said, 'because they remind us of a world without evil. The world we lost. We Chee are all that is left of Pemalite technological genius. The dogs of Earth are all that is left of Pemalite souls.’
—  Book #10: The Android, pg. 106 (by K.A. Applegate)