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side by side comparison of the pemalites (a peaceful canine species) and the howlers, the race that annihilated them. interestingly, for playing polar opposite roles in the story they are very similar creatures with playful, childlike dispositions.

kind of running my mouth off, but the pemalites and the howlers are very representative of the light and dark sides of childhood–pemalites are like idealized children, innocent and playful and friendly to other species. howlers are ignorant and blindly obedient to crayak, and were never taught the harm they’re causing through their ‘games’. kind of ender’s game-y in that regard. also reminds me a little of sirrus and achenar from myst but that’s getting even more off topic.

❮Since the Pemalites considered everyone a friend, their ship’s adapted to accommodate different life-forms. You touch one of the interface panels throughout the ship, your life-form is analyzed, and the ship provides you with the correct environment.❯

❮How do we get in and shut off the signal?❯ I said, heading for a deserted dune far away from the crowd around the whale.

❮Mr. King gave us an access code that’ll get us into the main computer,❯ Jake said, his tone sardonic. ❮Everybody memorize it: Six.❯

❮Six?❯ I said.

❮Six,❯ he confirmed.
—  Book #27: The Exposed, pg. 82 (by K.A. Applegate)

yaaaaaas bitches 2014 is done what a year mang i have turned from assassin fucking garbage to turian fucking garbage and have i regretted a thing? naaaaah yo 

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