After the BreakUp

Tenzin sighed as he sat by a bench near a small pond on Air Temple Island. He had officially broken up with Lin. Of course, he told her everything- even how he kissed Pema. 

This ended up with bad results. Lin screamed at Tenzin, threw objects at him, then Earth-bent him out of her house, yelling at him to never speak to her again. 

He laid his head in palms, wishing things could’ve gone better- that the two could’ve at least stayed friends. 


Lin practically collapsed through the doorway, so relieved to be home she could have fallen asleep right there on the floor. The earthbender was on her way to the couch, leaving a trail of metal armor in her wake as she bent   it from her lean frame. She was about to pass out on the peice of furniture when she heard Pema call her name in a small, scared voice.

“Love, are you alright?” She asked worriedly, her exhaustion immediately forgotten.

What was wrong?

pemabear replied to your post: Pema grinned. Spirits only knew how many ways she could utilize her sash. “Of course. Just what did you have in mind for its use?”

The cool air was a relief to Pema as her robes slipped open, and she watched as Iroh tied her wrists, her interest piqued. “And how does our honorable general plan to punish his prisoner?”

“Don’t worry about the how, just know you’ll be begging for mercy before I’m through."  And by mercy, he meant more.

pemabear replied to your post: “Jinora?” Pema called, poking her head out into the courtyard. “Dear, could you come stir the soup while I take care of Rohan for a quick moment?”

Pema frowned at the dirt on her daughter’s clothed. “Sweetheart, what on Earth?” She took a staggered step back as Jinora’s voice rose, unable to remember when her daughter last yelled at her. “Norabug, just come inside and we can figure this out.”

Jinora shook her head at the woman, her arms crossed over her chest. “I don’t know what you want with me, ma'am, but you’re not getting me in there!” It wasn’t safe for kids like her to go into houses, especially when the owners were pretending to know you. “How do you even know my name?”

First "Date"

Tenzin stood nervously by the pond as he waited for Pema to arrive. He was excited to get to know her, yet he was nervous since he was still technically dating Lin.

This is just a “date” with a friend. Nothing romantic. Like when Kya has “date night” with her “girl friends”. He kept trying to reassure himself, but he still felt the guilt in his gut. She’s also only about 17 years old…

After about ten minutes of waiting, he heard someone approaching from behind. Turning around, he saw it was the girl he was waiting for.  

pemabear replied to your post: Pema stared curiously at the woman in Tenzin’s clothes with Tenzin’s arrow at Tenzin’s desk. Surely she couldn’t actually be… “Tenzin?” (whoops hello this is awkward)

Pema gaped at her husband- or was she her wife? “Well, erm, it’s definitely troublesome…” she said, trying to diffuse any tension. “But at least you’re… you?”

“‘Troublesome.’ I’m this way for two days. What can I do like this?” Tenzin buried her face in her hands for a moment before sighing. “I guess you are right though. It could be worse.”

pemabear replied to your post: “Dear, would you mind going to check on Rohan and Jinora? Ikki and Meelo have gotten quite rowdy, and I need to calm them down.”

“Tenzin?” Pema questioned curiously. Normally, she would think he would jump at the chance to leave behind his paperwork to spend time with the kids. Her brow knit in concern and she moved to rest a hand over his. “Love, what’s wrong?”

“Hmm,” Tenzin was use to answering her voice, acknowledging it at least. If he ignored it, it would stay, but if he answered it would go. Today wasn’t a day the airbender wanted to be haunted. “Yes dear?” He tried to banish the presence again.

However, at the actual warmth of another hand lying over his, Tenzin physically winced and jerked his hand away. “Stop that,” he snapped. A tear trailed down his cheek and broke on the surface of his desk.

pemabear replied to your post: Young Pema found Tenzin meditating, and quickly enough that he wouldn’t catch her first, she jumped on him, climbing up onto his shoulders and pressing a kiss to his arrow. “Hey, Sifu!”

“Who else would it be, silly sifu?” Pema laughed as he brought her down from his shoulders. As she caught sight of him, though, her eyes narrowed. “You’re old.”

“Well…” Tenzin trailed off, setting her down in his lap. Another spell, he figured, the Spirits or whomever was doing all this. At her observation, he laughed. “Not old, just ti - alright, old. However you are quite young.”

An Urgent Message || Lin/Pema

Lin had very few emergency contacts, a woman like her didn’t normally need them, until now. The police chief found herself starting at the ceiling in a daze, the white of the hospital room almost blinding her further. A letter had been sent a few days ago to the Southern Water Tribe informing Tenzin about the situation since there really wasn’t anyone else.

Her mind drifted to Pema. She knew the acolyte would discover the message. Until then, the metalbender closed her eyes, trying her best to will the pain away. A broken leg was no use to an earthbender, let alone one riddled with bullets as well.