I had to delay the start of fellowship interviews due to the birth of my baby (except for my home program who was nice enough to interview me while 38 weeks pregnant). So, while some people are getting towards the end of their interviews, I have my “first” (because interviewing at your home program is such a different experience) interview tomorrow. 

I’m so anxious! 

Yesterday three decades ago

And we lay tangled
blankets legs and arms entwined
as we had
so it seemed
all April
and we slept
that way too
only shifting
when the cold
crept through
the old timber
walls and doors
then in a nest
of woollen warmth
we would sleep
some more
and to someone
so immature
this was life’s treasure
for sure
and come rousing
tea mug vapour raising
in the cold air
i said
so sure
so proud

what are we now

and she replied

good friends

and how that never mends


I drew @sakagamine s OCs Masa and Jerome in exchange for one of her otas that you can find on her instagram: spookyfeiichii

It was supposed to be a 2 characters bust up but turned into a hip up, oops, well I’m not complaining drawing them was so much fun! 

Masas body got a bit too thin but besides that I’d say I’m pretty happy with the result! They are both very beautiful BUT JEROMES HAIR UGH, he stole my heart okay I already wanna draw him again it was so much fun!

I’m gonna make a second drawing of her GORGEOUS OC Yarii as well that should be up some time this week


spent all day in bed today, slept for a lot of it… feel so run down,like i’m getting a cold though i doubt i am.

couldn’t even concentrate on the screen this morning so been listening to audiobooks to pass the waking hours.

i’ve been pushing myself and now paying the price, hopefully be fine after a few days in bed.

gonna fill up my thermos with boiling water before bed so i don’t have to get up to make tea in the morning.