pelvic veins


Pulmonary emboli usually arise from thrombi that originate in the deep venous system of the lower extremities; however, they rarely also originate in the pelvic, renal, upper extremity veins, or the right heart chambers. After traveling to the lung, large thrombi can lodge at the bifurcation of the main pulmonary artery or the lobar branches and cause hemodynamic compromise.

Pulmonary thromboembolism is not a disease in and of itself. Rather, it is a complication of underlying venous thrombosis. Under normal conditions, microthrombi (tiny aggregates of red cells, platelets, and fibrin) are formed and lysed continually within the venous circulatory system.

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B1A4->Jinyoung, smut, I have a thing his veins. (they way that pop out oh god especially that neck one). you are dating and both are both sitting on the couch watching a movie cause he finally has a day off and you start running your hands down his arms letting your fingers feel his veins as they move up and down his arm and he says something about it to you and you notice his neck vein as he talks to you and you get distracted by it and you just lean in and kiss his neck



”There we go,” you say as you place the bowl with popcorn on the table. 
Jinyoung directly takes down his feet from it and grabs a fist of popcorn.

”This is great,” he says and pats the place next to him with his free hand. With the other hand he tips down the snacks down his mouth. 
His neck is beautiful. The veins that always pop up vigorously when he sings are faint, but visible. Your mouth almost waters. You lick your lips quickly and sit down next to him.

He places his arm around you and gives your temple a kiss. 
”I love having days off” he murmurs in your hair before he reaches out for the remote control and starts the movie.

The movie starts, and Jinyoung’s hand on the arm around you plays with the edges of your hair. When he stops after a while you glance a little at the arm. 

Oh god those arms. The veins are so visible and glorious that you almost get nervous. You adjust your seat so you lean against your boyfriend a little. Your focus has gone totally to the veins in his arm instead of the movie you’re watching.

Carefully, with the tips of your fingers, you caress his veins. He doesn’t react, but even if he did you wouldn’t stop. You carefully and slowly let your fingertips wander around the length of his arms, following the patterns of his light blue veins.

”Are you watching?” Jinyoung asks with a voice that makes you know that he is smirking. You don’t even have to look at him.

”I am watching,” you answer directly. He may have claimed the movie, which is not quite right. You are watching, just not the movie.

”Oh yeah? You are?” he chuckles and you straighten up yourself a little so you can look at him.

When you do, you once again notice the veins in his neck. You try to get your eyes off them but you can’t, it’s like a magnetic force that won’t let you move your eyes. 
You see Jinyoung’s lips moving, so he is obviously talking to you, but you can’t hear him. His words go into one ear and out from the other one without your brain catching up the said words.

Slowly you lean in against his neck. His lips stop moving and you carefully place your lips on his neck. He tilts his head upwards, making his veins even more visible. You didn’t think it was possible. You follow his veins with your tongue, leaving a wet trail and let your teeth rasp against the skin.

Jinyoung gasps and the sound made you shiver. You continue to kiss his neck, giving a little extra attention to the path of veins, but also to the crook of his neck. When you then suck in a bit of skin and leave a purple-red mark, Jinyoung moans a low moan.

”Jinyoung~,” you mumble against his skin, once again making him moan. ”Jinyoung you’re so hot”

Jinyoung suddenly grabs you by your hair and pulls you up to clash your lips together. You’re quick to straddle his hip and his hands went directly to your thighs. You deepen the kiss, bites his lower lip and when he parts his lips you don’t hesitate for a second. 

The kiss breaks when you quickly lift his shirt over his head. Instead of continuing the heated kiss you move your lips to his collarbones. You nibble a little on the hard bones before you withdraw your lips and sink down on the floor between his legs.

Jinyoung watches you with a strong gaze, half lidded eyes lips glistering and oh god those veins. You slowly pull down his sweatpants and he throws back his head, moaning quietly. His briefs joins his pants on the floor around his ankles. You gently flick your tongue over the tip of his dick, making him squirm and moan even higher. 

From his abdomen and down there are even more veins. You can’t hold yourself. You tilt your head, trace the vein with your tongue from the tip and down to where it fades. 
Jinyoung groans and buries his hands in your hair. You shiver by his reactions and keep licking your way from the shaft up to the tip. 

Jinyoung moans your name, trying really hard to keep his hips in place. You carefully try to take him down in your mouth, using your hands to the parts you couldn’t fit and drag your nails over the visible pelvic veins.

Jinyoung throws back his head, mouth falling open and making his grip around your hair tighter. 
A few minutes later his moans and groans grew higher and he comes in your mouth. You swallow down the amount that you could, which was most of it. Then you glance up at your boyfriend and he looks down at you. The movie is still going but either of you are paying attention to it.

”Give me a few minutes,” he pants, releasing your hair and strokes your cheeks. ”A few minutes, and then I will give the same treatment to you”

Signs of the zodiak

Element:  earth
Body:       knees, bones, skeleton, skin (blood circulation)
Inner life: straight forward! Care about values. Even unpleasant actions may be                   solved today! Beware of being covetous or critical! 
Garden:   root plants, weeds, compost heap

Element:  air
Body:       lower legs, veins, ankles, central nervous system
Inner life: community spirit. Contacts, friends, social aspects. Improve your                           responsibility with idealism.
Garden:   blossoming plants, hacking, fertilizing

Element:  water
Body:       feet, toes, aura
Inner life: creativity and social engagement. Open to spiritual experience. If you                   keep your sense of reality you will find it easy deepen your spiritual                       experience and have the opportunity to affect your personal                                 development.
Garden:   foliage plants, water, pond plants, cut grass

Element:  fire
Body:       head, brain, eyes, nose, teeth (sense organs)  
Inner life: enthusiasm, enforcement, spontaneity. Will to innovate things.                             Attention: Act accordingly to your fellow men today!
Garden:   quickgrowing seedlings, fruit plants

Element:  earth
Body:       throat, teeth, jaw, tonsils, ears (circulation of the blood)
Inner life: patience. Think over decisions you are about to make today. They                       might be difficult to change.
Garden:   root plants, fight vermin

Element:  air
Body:       lungs, shoulders, arms, hands (adenoids)
Inner life: changeable. Many (impulsive) thoughts. Some decisions made today                   might not be long-lasting.
Garden:   blossoming flowers, vines

Element:  water 
Body:       breast, stomach, lungs, pancreas, liver (peripherial nervous system)
Inner life: emotions over intellect! Sometimes hypersensitive. Creative.
Garden:   foliage plants, cut grass, water

Element:  fire
Body:       heart, diaphragm, circulation, arteries, eyes (sense organs) 
Inner life: always forward! Self-confidence or overestimation of your own                             capabilities? Care about the feelings of others. 
Garden:   fruit plants, seed grass

Element:  earth 
Body:       heart, blood pressure, digestion, circulation, nerves (blood circulation)
Inner life: balance reasons and responsibility. A day for sensible not sensational                 actions! 
Garden:   rooting plants, repot, cuttings, compost heap

Element:  air
Body:       kidneys, bladder, hip joint (adenoids)
Inner life: not a day to make decisions. Searching for harmony.                                             Attention: jealousy!
Garden:   fertilize flowers, blossoming plants

Element:  water
Body:       urinary bladder, sexual organs (peripherial nervous system)
Inner life: sensuality. Lust and sorrow seem to be close to each other                                   sometimes!
Garden:   foliage plants, pluck medicinal herbs, fight snails, cut grass, water

Element:  fire
Body:       thighs, veins, pelvic bone, liver (sense organs)
Inner life: reach for new aims and directions! Restlessness may lead to wrong                     decisions! Think about it and… go for it! 
Garden:   fruit plants, fight vermin, cut fruit trees in spring!