Fur auction haul for 2017!  Because of reasons that I did not go all out like I normally do with the furs, mostly because I still have a lot of tanned furs listed in my Etsy Shop currently.

That said even though I did scored a lot of pelts this year, I did get some rather unique pelts in the haul that I really have not see before nor have I see those colors up for auction either.  Either way, pretty happy with what I got and hopefully all these will go quick.

Here’s the list of the haul:

  • Raccoon (Not Available)
  • Blonde Coyote ($20, ON HOLD)
  • Coyote (SOLD)
  • Coyote (SOLD)
  • Red Coyote ($20)
  • Gold Platinum Fox (SOLD)
  • Dark Coyote (SOLD)
  • Whitemarked Red Fox (SOLD)

As promised since people expressed interest in buy the pelts as is, they all are available to purchase for a limited time.  If interested, please message me the one you want and I’ll get back to you.  This must be done ASAP because after Wednesday they’ll be off to the tannery and will not be available until they return.

These are RAW DRIED/TRAPPER DRIED pelts and are not suitable for taxidermy but excellent for crafts/garments or for hides to practice tanning on.  Considering some are not the best and they are raw, I’m going to be offering them for excellent prices so do not miss out!


The other day I found what appeared to be a turtle shell, but I realized today the error of my judgement as these two ‘turtle shells’ appear to fit perfectly on the skulls of what I originally thought were cat and raccoon skulls!

I haven’t actually seen species like these before, although I imagine they must be closely related. I’m quite proud of these specimens, since I have yet to see them in other vultures’ collections. What great finds!


This is a tanned, taxidermy quality (“mountable”) coyote pelt of mine. I took these photos and scribbled some notes on them months ago as reference for a potential customer, and when I came across them again on my computer tonight I wondered why I never posted them here. Hopefully it helps?

As I wrote on the first photo, this coyote actually doesn’t have much lip skin on the top around the front of its snout, but what little is there is kind of tucked underneath… It really doesn’t show well in the photo. And I while did say that the inner eye skin is not 100% necessary, IT HELPS. Doesn’t even have to be much.


Pelts are up for sale and listed!  They can be purchased in my Etsy Shop where all of them are listed individually. 

Usually takes me a couple of days to get everything handled with these guys.  Got them in Monday where I begin my process of sexing the pelts which in turn also give me a chance to inspect the pelts for damages, flaws or issues.  From there I tag them according, measure, list lists and price them to their value.  

Tuesday which was when I took these photos was photo day where I take photos of each pelt and their issues.  This takes me about 1 to 2 hours since its a lot of pelts to go through and take photos of.  After that process then I have to type of descriptions for Etsy which is what I did last night and partly today. After all the work I get to the point where I can list them up which we are at the point now!  Hoping for a few sales over the next few days now that the pelts are listed.

Again, you can purchase the pelts through my Etsy Shop!  

Thank you everyone for purchasing pelts from me! ;A;  I’ve literally sold out all but two pelts and the one is on hold, I was quite surprised how quickly I managed to sell them all.

With that, customers that is getting their stuff tanned by @roadkilljack, your pelts are being mailed out tomorrow.  I have a long day ahead of me of activities but will be the first thing done before I hit the road.