Portrait of a Botanical Garden with @shish0va

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“The dark tones of the grass are challenging for me to capture, but it is something beautiful which I look for everywhere—in the mountains of Georgia, in London, and even in unexpected places like Rostov Kremlin,” says Irina Shishova (@shish0va), an Instagrammer from Pushchino, in Russia. Working for a TV company by day, Irina says she is inspired by everything around her—from internet cables, to steel works, to cooking the Russian dish pelmeni. Most of all she draws inspiration from nature. “My hometown is so small, it looks more like a green park than a city. All my photos are taken of the grass, the gardens of residents, fields near the city, and all the grass that I can find and capture during my life.”

「 20 06 16  |  23/100 Days Of Productivity  |  🎧: EXO - Lucky One 🎶 」

Somehow managed to get 70% done earlier than usual but then started slacking off 😥. Here we have some fusion kitchen(pelmeni + some viet. soup) for dinner as well as some fancy chia seed-lemon water which clumsy me spilled not too long after I took this picture 😅

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Yesterday my aunt and uncle arrived and stole me away from one party to bring me to another one. Turned out that their family was making pelmeni per their own new years traditions, so we joined in!

If you don’t know, pelmeni is just russia’s version of dumplings. They are traditionally made by hand - though I know that forms are sold for making them easily as well. Here we had an assembly-line like thing going where one person was rolling the dough and using a shotglass to cut out the circles. The rest were stuffing the meat (typically pork, or a mix of pork and sometimes lamb or beef, whatever. Usually some sort of spices and onions are added in).

We had two different pelmeni form types going on - the round ones, which I believe are more west-slavic traditional, and the ones with the braid, which the girls from a town southeast were used to making.

The little pelmeni with the pepper seeds in it is the ‘lucky surprise’ which is typically made and hidden among the rest. If you end up being the one to eat it (or choke on it in surprise) then you’ll have luck for the rest of the year.

They’re typically made in large amounts, and then frozen and eaten throughout the year. We made the fresh batch right away, just boiling them in water with some onions, bayleaf (sometimes dill and parsely are added for flavor too).

I eat them with sour cream, but they can also be had with mayo or ketchup or just a bit of pepper.  

If all else fails I can open a bar club

I’ll call it the Russian Dragon and serve imported brandies, vodkas, beers, absinthes, etc as well as foods like bliny, pelmeni, and borsch (the basics).

Ordering in Russian will take 10% off your order.

«Borsch? No way!»
  • Reporter:Are you surprised that you’re playing that well in NHL?
  • Artemi Panarin:Well, it's a provocative question. Of course! I don't think about it a lot.
  • Reporter:Where do you like to go for a dinner? What is your choice?
  • Artemi Panarin:I don't have a special meal, which I like the most. I usually eat a steak before game, but I prefer pasta or fish on regular days. Whatever eatable you'll put on my plate.
  • I don't have a diet, you know. But above all I try to eat half a cow before every game. Lately I started going to a restaurant near my place more often, it's called "three forks" or something. I don't remember it's actual name.
  • Reporter:Do people recognize you?
  • Artemi Panarin:Sometimes.
  • Reporter:You once posted a pic where you're cooking pelmeni.
  • Artemi Panarin:I haven't cooked them in a while now.
  • Reporter:What about a borsch? Got a recipe?
  • Artemi Panarin:No way! I can only make something like porridge from scratch.

Set of 16 postcards with tales and recipes of Russian cuisine. Soups, pierogis, blinis, pelmenis and many more. All recipes are written in a literary manner, as a tale. Text is printed with stress marks which can help readers who learn Russian. Text is printed on both sides of each postcard, but there’s some blank space on the backs if you want to write a message. (via etsy)


Moscow to Beijing - Trans-Siberian Express - Havana Club Gap Year

Day 7/ Irkutsk

After 48 hours on a train, stopping now an then in different cities and towns across Russia. Getting off sometimes to stretch my legs or just to buy some snacks from the ladies at the platforms.

  The ladies sell home-made local dishes, really cheap and tasty (1us dollar) from Crepes to Russian Dumplings (Pelmeni). It’s always nice to have something different than instant noodles.
I’ve arrived in #Irkutsk (Southern Siberia) I immediately came to a Village called #Listvyanka 70km from #Irkutsk by van. This village is very popular amongst tourists, because it’s the gate to the Baikal Lake (interesting lake, it has 20% of the world’s surface fresh water, but I’ll talk about it tomorrow) My hotel is just in front of the lake, a very peaceful scenery after being for so long on the train. After getting off the train, I still have the feeling in my head, as if it was still moving. - Julián - @havanaclubcolombia @_HavanaClub #HavanaClubGapYear #AñoSabático #GapYear #Travel #bestvacations #igerscolombiaext #vsco #vscocam #Russia #Transsiberian



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Names: Anya Rosamonde & Katiya Victoire Brozinov

Age : 1 year and 2 months old

Favorite food: The girls mostly favor Poisson au Curry and Le Mont-Blanc au coco. But now that we are spending time with Viktor’s family in Russia, they have discovered Pelmeni and Lymonnyk.

favorite drink : Pink Lemonade… It must be PINK

Favorite snack : They love Pocky Sticks. Mostly strawberry and banana.

Favorite show : Doc Mcstuffins. All day, every day.

favorite book: They rotate between “ Sugar Cane”, “Amazing Grace"  and  ”If You Give A Mouse A Cookie“.

favorite toy: All of their Sanrio stuffed animals, learning tablets, and Kitchen sets.

What makes them mad/upset? Not being able to bring a suitcase full of toys whenever we leave the house. One toy is never enough. And whenever their grandma leaves before they go to bed.

What do they call your parents? Grand-mère and Grand-père(my mom and dad). Babushka for Viktor’s mother and unfortunately Viktor’s father passed before we were married.

Comfort item?: Embroidered blankets they have had since they were born.

Favorite activities : Besides shopping and cooking with me, they love adventures to the park, zoo, and traveling.

Bedtime/naptime: Naptime is after they have had lunch, or when they fall asleep in the car while I run errands. Bedtime comes after baths and learning time at about 9:00pm.

What makes them a little crazy? GRANDMOTHERS……..

What makes them awesome: Even though they are identical, they are so unique but complement each other at the same time. They are so lucky to have one another, as I am just as lucky to have them both.

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