gently slide your axolotl

reasons why i identify with goats

  • hairy
  • kinda smelly
  • love 2 headbutt things
  • v curious and eager to explore
  • genuinely concerned about your wellbeing and wishes you the best in life but is just slightly more interested in the food pellets in your hand
  • eats everything and anything
  • tendency to ruminate
  • screams
  • this:

Celtic Gold Coin Of The Vendelici Tribe

This gold stater was struck in the early 1st century BC. It shows a triskeles within a wreath-like torc with an annulet at each open end. The reverse side shows a pyramid of eight annulets: five, on the bottom, each enclosing a pellet, and three, forming the top two rows, each enclosing a smaller annulet; all within a wavy torc.

The Vindelici lands were known to the Romans as Vindelicia (map) and were considered bounded by the Danube and Germanic frontier to the north, the Inn (Œnus) to the east, Raetia to the south, and the Helvetii to the west. These lands today form northeast Switzerland, southeast Baden, and southern Württemberg and Bavaria. The chief town is assumed to have been the oppidum at Manching before the Romans; after the Roman conquest, the tribe’s capital was moved to Augusta Vindelicorum (“Augusta of the Vindelici”, modern Augsburg).

Together with the neighboring tribes, the Vendelici were subjugated by Tiberius in 15 BC. The Augustan inscription of 12 BC mentions four tribes of the Vindelici among the defeated, the Cosuanetes, Rucinates, Licates and Catenates.


That Sonicare electric toothbrush you’re using – it’s weak. Japanese teenager, TokioFN, has strapped a toothbrush to an automatic pistol (which seems to be a pellet gun) and is using it to brush his teeth. It may just be the most gangsta thing I’ve ever seen and the dumbest.  

Personally, I prefer a medium bristle brush – Colgate makes a nice model – but now I’m considering switching to a Glock 18. Ya know, cuz I want my chompers to have that clean feeling that only comes with an automatic firearm. 

Needless to say, 4 out of 5 dentists don’t recommend brushing with a gun in your mouth. (Also, don’t try this at home. Not that you were dumb enough to, but just saying.)

Click for video: Check Out This Japanese Kid Brushing His Teeth With A Pellet Gun