Today I made a Thanksgiving-themed chop for George (which really just means I added extra pumpkin on accident).

Ingredients: orange & purple carrots, baby bell peppers, yellow squash, broccoli, peas, pumpkin purée, serrano peppers, blueberries, and pomegranate

I use baby food freezing trays with lids to freeze individual servings and prevent freezer burn.

I feed George a serving of chop once a day (morning or evening) warmed up in the microwave and mixed with some of his pellets (Harrison’s Pepper Lifetime). He also gets a measured amount of pellets that are available to him throughout the day in addition to another serving of fresh fruits or veg (not in chop form) and various treats for training.

Also enjoy a glimpse of a sleepy boy after his dinner.

anonymous asked:

I, admittedly, have low quality pellets for my girl. Aqueon Betta Food. She’s been doing fine on them for a few weeks, but now she’ll eat them and then spit them out. I’m a little concerned, but she’s otherwise acting normal. She eats freeze dried bloodworms like nobody’s business. Should I get higher quality pellets for her, or should I invest in larger variety of freeze dried foods instead? Do you think this might be an early warning sign of sickness?


The good news is, I don’t think you need to worry about your little girl being sick.
The less good news is, she might be a picky eater!

My bettas have always been easygoing and will eat anything I feed them. On the other hand, a couple of my friends have had fish before that only want to eat one food or one kind of food, and didn’t want to eat anything else.

Since your betta previously ate pellets without complaint, you could try to feed her a different brand of pellet food and see if she likes it. OmegaOne Betta Buffet pellets are a good quality pellet food, and they’re what I feed my bettas. New Life Spectrum Betta Formula pellets are supposedly The Best quality betta pellets around, but I can never find them at my local fish store.

Other freeze dried food options would be brine shrimp, tubifex worms, or even just a different brand of freeze dried bloodworms! OmegaOne also makes good quality freeze dried foods for a decent price. Hikari is a high quality but expensive brand, and the containers for their freeze dried foods are gigantic. (I’m almost certain that the bottle of freeze dried tubifex worms I bought yesterday will take at least a thousand years to be eaten)

My bettas are also fed Bug Bites Tropical Formula for small fish, which is another fish food that your betta might be interested in. Bug Bites is made of insect larvae whereas most betta pellets are made from fish products so it adds diversity to your fish’s diet. It’s granules of food instead of pellets or flakes and can be kinda messy though.

I hope you’re able to find a food your picky princess likes! 😅

Concept: Gabe and Jack sharing an apartment even though they’re almost never back from deployment at the same time. They use it as a conduit to leave small gifts for the other to find when they get home. Jack comes back to find high-end coffee Gabe left for him, Gabe gets home to find a jar of owl pellets Jack got from the visitor centre at a national park because he heard they had little skeletons inside of them you can pick out and put back together. Gabe re-articulates all the skeletons.


Rare Celtic “Rainbow Cup” Gold Stater, 2nd-1st Century BC

What appears to be a cup on the reverse of this coin is actually an upside down torc, often worn by wealthy Celts. Inside the torc are 6 pellets whose meaning is not well known. Additionally, the symbolism of the obverse side can only be guessed at due to its abstract nature. Other designs on similar coins include stars, crosses, birds’ heads, wreaths and coiled serpents or dragons.

These types of coins got the name “Rainbow Cups” from Medieval monks who believed they appeared on the ground at the spot where the end of a rainbow touched the earth, as they were often found after a heavy rainfall had washed away the topsoil. They have been found in Western Europe from France to Germany.

Humans are terrifying: Resistance to Damage and Small Arms

What if aliens’ weapons are nowhere near lethal to us, just painful? Like, either they use energy weapons that at worst cause slight burns or perhaps growths under prolonged exposure, or their kinetic-kill weapons are comparable to BB/air guns, paintballs, or airsoft pellets? And despite their likely larger frame, they lack the muscle density we have, so either they can’t swing/stab their melee weapons hard enough to damage us, or their weapons are made out of such inferior material that they just shatter or fold, or bounce off our skin altogether? What if they have to use ship-grade or anti-vehicular weapons against us?

What if we’re the Space Badgers?


Commander’s Log, 2e.455.6789

They just. Keep. Coming.

My unit has been entrenched in the Ghûrzáan Mountains on [Ophii Beta 1-6b-Theta], the third moon in orbit around the massive gas giant, for [three days]. We started with 10,000 of the finest the Grand Army had to offer. In the [two weeks] since the humans arrived, that number has been pruned and has dwindled to a meager 2,300. They landed with 6,000, and have only lost 153. They essentially have the moon already, but we are holding out the best we can. Gods above, we hope rescue arrives soon.

They are so much smaller than us! How? How is it possible that they have this level of durability? One ‘Praivet’ as they called the warrior, but a lowly grunt(!!!), stood against MY ENTIRE THIRD ARMORED DIVISION, taking about 70 souls and 13 of my finest heavy assault vehicles with it to the After. A gods-blessed TANK ROUND traveling at [320 meters/second] only killed the human because it struck it in the head and severed its central nervous ganglion, through sheer force alone. Upon examination, and despite hairline fractures and heavy bruising, the human’s bones and flesh were INTACT. Our normal small-arms fire bounce off of their skin and our energy weapons hardly singe their clothes. Our melee weapons can’t even penetrate their suits, much less their flesh.

Their weapons and armor are absolute madness. Iron-base armors, with heavy metal weaves and supplication, and carbon-nanotube weave in a graphene substrate. Their bullet-proof garments are made out of simple CLOTH. They use titanium… for LIGHT plating. Their rifles weigh three times the weight of our light anti-tank weaponry, and fire with about 130 times the force. Their bullets, accelerated to about a thousandth of the speed of light, almost compare with the delivered force of our anti-tank missiles.

They are made out of carbon-, nitrogen-, and hydrogen-based sugars and proteins. Their blood has iron in it. They breathe OXYGEN. Their bones are strengthened with calcium. THEY ARE PREDATORY AND CONTAIN LETHAL MICRO-ORGANSIMS INSIDE THEIR ORGANS AND ON THEIR SKIN.

They can move almost effortlessly in our preferred environment. They can punch with enough force to rupture your insides. They can tear your limb off and use it as a club. They routinely stand off one to tens with our own forces.

We need rescue. Before there is no one left to rescue.

Dear gods, they found us. If anyone from the Illustrious Empire of the Vhârashjeenzi discover these records, this is my one and final warning: Do not engage humanity, as I did. They cannot be stopped. They will prove to be our ruin.

Commander Vhûna-Zhini out.

Submission by @bartwelchii

Viking Gold Mounted Crystal Pendant, 9th-11th Century AD

A pendant comprising a piriform natural crystal pebble bead in a sheet gold sheath with punched pellets to the borders, ring-and-dot motifs, punched triangles with a pellet to each angle; wire loop to the underside, wire coil to the top and loop, twisted wire suspension hoop with coiled ends. 56mm (2 ¼")

Why should i convert my parrots diet from seed to pellets?

Traditionally, all pet parrots are fed dry seed. Maybe with fruits and veggies or maybe with seed being the sole diet for the bird. There are many reasons why feeding your parrot seed daily lowers the health and longevity of your feathered friend.
Seed from supermarkets/pet stores are full of fat and offer little nutritional value.its the equivalent of humans eating a diet of McDonald’s every day. Extremely addictive but there is no health benefit at all.
Even with fruits and vegetables incorporated into their daily, they are still getting excessive amounts of fat from seeds.

If you are going to give your birds seeds (is advised for budgies and cockatiels), growing them into crops/sprouts is the best way for your bird to get nutrition from any kind of seed. I’ve done a post about that topic here. [x]

Things to be weary of when purchasing a pellet mix includes the ingredients. Especially staying clear of any that have a high sugar content, peanuts or use the words “(Preservative)” next to anything.

My top pick for pellets are Harrisons Organic and Vetafarm Maintenance. 

So - how do we start introducing pellets into your birds diet? 

A gradual introduction is a must.
Create a ‘wet mix’ by soaking 60% seed & 40% pellets in boiling water, press down firmly and allow to cool.
They will be busy for hours trying to get that seed!
In the process, the will be exposed to small amounts of the pellets flavour and texture.

After 2 - 3 days, slowly reduce the ratio.

When you reach a high amount of pellets, slowly decrease the water amount so they get used to the hard texture of dry pellets.

You can decide to leave the ratio with seeds 20% and pellets 70% or completely wean your birds from eating seed - which a complete pellet diet is recommended.
In either case providing your birds with fruits and veg, nuts, grains, and all round variety is a must for a well balanced healthy diet.