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The Big, The Almighty, The M1000

Hey guys!

As you may have seen in my last few posts, I picked up a Pelikan M1000 at an estate sale a few weeks ago. I thought I’d give it a review, focussing on whether it’s worth the usual $500 price tag. 

I will say here that in the luxury fountain pen world war of Mont Blanc v. Pelikan, I am a Mont Blanc man. I love the sleek black resin, the red hue it has, and the white star caps. And yet, the M1000 did make me question my allegiance here. 

The M1000 has only been produced by Pelikan since 2003, and this particular pen is a few years post-prodcution.

The Pen

Whopping. Humongous. Ginormous. Any word that connotes big. This pen is extremely large. It’s longer than anything I have ever owned/used/seen before, and the girth is in a league beyond imaginable. The size is just amazing. For me anyway.

The pen is larger than almost anything else on the market, so I would recommend trying it out before purchasing. The usual selling point is that this pen is great for signatures; use it in meetings, to sign treaties etc. I have, however, used it to take extensive notes in college (see next section for writing experience). 

This particular model is finished in the green tortoise shell style. It looks classy, and also feels classy. 

The weight of the pen is great. It’s not too light, nor is it too heavy. It is, however, a tad heavier than the Mont Blanc 149 (the M1000′s biggest rival). 

The cap and ends are furnished in black, and the pen is adorned with 18 karat accents. There is a Pelikan atop of the cap, although this particular image is different to those in production now. The clip is also finished so as to look like a pelican with a long beak. 

The Nib

As with the pen, the nib is HUGE. When writing, it feels as if the pen is held inches away from the page by the 18 karat nib. 

The nib work is quite nice, the two tone nib is adorned with a pattern and the Pelikan logo.

As for the smoothness? Out of this world.  

This pen probably writes a little smother than my Mont Blancs. For me, this makes mistakes and annoying accidental ink-on-page lines more common and as such I prefer the tiniest amount of feedback in the MB nibs. That being said, if you’re in the market for a smooth pen, then dig deep into those pockets because this is the pen for you. 

The only thing that I dislike about this nib is that it is prone to creep. Whilst this is only an aesthetic problem, for the price tag, I would want this pen to be perfect. Because of this, I am planning on sending this pen away to a nibmeister, so perhaps a smooth/tune of the tines will fix this issue. I will keep you updated. 


Buy it. 

If I can happily tell people that Mont Blanc’s are worth their price tag, then this Pelikan is worth the asking prices. 

The pen is a little too oversized for prolonged periods of writing, although these are by no means impossible. 

If you want to make a statement, buy this pen. If you want a silky smooth writing experience, buy this pen. And if you want a pen that will last a lifetime and probably be an heirloom, buy this pen. 

If you are in the market for a big pen, I am still inclined to recommend the MBs. But, if you were to buy this Pelikan, I thoroughly believe you will not be disappointed. 


9.5 out of 10. 


Thanks for reading guys! If you have any comments/suggestions/questions, please use my ask box!