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[STARCAST-BTS RAP MONSTER X WARREN G] EP.03 when the new star of Hip Hop met the legend of Hip Hop!

RAP MONSTER X WARREN G’s STARCAST! I know it’s too sad but today is the last episode of RAP MONSTER X WARREN G. (Tears tears) I hope you enjoyed watching the video and pictures that we have taken at the States.
Revealing the last story of music collaboration work between Warren G who is the representative of 90s U.S.A hip hop and RAP MONSTER who is a rising star of 2015 Korea’s hip hop.

[RAP MONSTER, The king of street photography @LA]

RAP MONSTER “Move your body to the rhythm! Do doom~  

RM: I am on the street of Fairfax Ave in LA! Where street brand stores are located all along the street~ it’s a must come place for shopaholics, especially for those who love street fashion!

There were many street fashionista, but I am so into ‘gothic look’ these days… today’s trend is street fashion… I am just one with the gothic look….

RM: (Huntington Beach)!
With its high wave, this place is also called ‘Surfers beach’ and indeed many surfers visit here to surf. It was the best beach I have ever been! It was endlessly wide with a beautiful bridge, and a perfect amount of sunlight along with moderate breeze. It’s a perfect place to come for vacation. Yet, I just came for a break, so got to go now~

RM: I saw a huge pelican here. It was a pelican that is on the logo of pelicana chicken. It had a huge beak. It was flying over my head and scared me… it was also impressing to see a street musician on the beach, a free spirit!   

RM: This is a Subway restaurant in the States. In fact, taste of sandwich is same as Subway sandwich in Korea  yet, I think having a sandwich on a sunny bright day at the patio is tastier!

RM: I am at ‘Art District’, the place that I have introduced in the last episode. For this episode I am wearing my new clothes. 

RM: I am at the in front of a hair salon located in LA Korean town, this place is very special. Rihanna took a photo shoot here with <W Korea> having a background including Korean words. Her photo shoot almost seemed unreal, I felt somewhat weird looking at the photo. I am at the exact spot where she took her photo shoot of. I tried her pose, ha ha this is embarrassing;;;RAP MONSTER X Warren G’s story ends here. I know we always say this, but going to say again, don’t be so sad. We are going to come back with a greater story. Just wait for us a little~ we will be back soon.

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