pelican bay hunger strike


This morning members of Milk Not Jails dressed in our Monday best and skipped down to the Today Show to publicize the hunger strike in California State Prisons and demonstrate our solidarity. So, like most Midwesterners, we brought in some signs. One read, “Solitary Confinement is Torture” and the other, pictured above, “Torture in California Prisons??? Support the Hunger Strikers!” Both signs successfully made it on to the show at some point. The 1st sign was shown during a panning of the audience and we haven’t been able to find a screen shot of that one just yet. But shortly after the sign appeared a bald man and his security cop troop told us that the signs were not allowed, that they did not allow “political signs” on the show. Besides the fact that it’s a “news” outlet where “politics” are often alleged to be discussed. Nevertheless, it was a great morning and we hope that the signs caught the eye of friends/family/loved ones of those involved in the strike or affected by this crooked prison system and they were able to smile to see even a split second of their reality validated today on the Today Show. Thanks to everyone who came out this morning and to all the people doing this very important work. We are endlessly inspired by the movement and hope that we can continue to do our part in bringing light to these issues and support for those impacted. Today is not the end, next stop, the Tomorrow Show!