pelago food

i keep thinking about how fucking bizarre lusamine’s family are. especially her. like the chunibyo son who stole a chimera, the daughter who stole the fucking universe and is afraid of pokemon, her incompetent husband mohn got sucked into a wormhole and spit out a few miles away on some islands and forgot everything except FUCK he likes eating beans. then lusamine didnt think hey maybe my missing husband is in my own world and you know. a boat ride away. and decides let’s go batshit insane and try to fuck with entities that could destroy everything. for a man who just loves some beans. and then not only doesnt find her husband who, again, is essentially in her neighborhood, but fucks herself up so bad by choosing to fuse with mysterious entities that her 11 year old daughter has to become her mommy and take her to a different region so bill nye the computer nerd guy can potentially unfuse them.

typing all this made them seem even weirder.