Keron's history with Earth, summarized*

*from memory

The Keron military had just finished their latest invention- the invasion robot Kiruru. They sent three prototype models to Earth, or as it is known intergalactically, Pekopon to both test. Two of the three, positioned at different points around the Earth, hibernated, while the first one got to work invading the dominant species at the time- dinosaurs.

Something about Kiruru’s mere presence enhance the dinosaur’s intelligence dramatically. They reached the space age extremely quickly, and some left the planet. Kiruru did eventually wipe out all the dinosaurs on Earth, but it did so much more dramatically than programmed. It went berserk, so Keron headquarters invented the Miraras as keys.

The (more lifelike) MIrara robots were sent to Earth, one with each Kiruru. The KiruMira system was put in place, and the one Kiruru wen’t into hibernation. They all stayed sleeping until very recently. (since then, the Kiruru system has been improved dramatically).

That was the first time an invasion of Pekopon was attempted.

Since then, many, many aliens have tried to conquer our planet- there are thousands of aliens on Earth in disguises right now- but none have succeeded. There is even a special invasion force squad from Keron here, but something about Earth just resists being invaded.

(To this day, some dinosaurs return to Pekopon expecting nothing to have changed)

Let me know if I got anything wrong~

  • Headcanons I thought of while writing this:
  • Maybe the dinosaurs were the ones who chose the name Pekopon
  • The mere fact that there are dinosaurs in space explains any and all the vaguely earth-reptile-esq aliens.
  • The Keron military is reluctant to use the new model of Kiruru because they’re afraid they might have a repeat of last time, and because it would put a majority of Keronians out of work (Keron is a very military-based planet)