My weirdo rendition of Lady Loki. Was originally submitted to the WeLoveFine’s Marvel Villain t-shirt competition, but didn’t get Marvel’s approval. :( Though I’m not surprised, considering it doesn’t (and wasn’t) meant to entirely resemble Lady Loki’s character design just in a physical sense. I wanted to capture the essence of the character by adding symbols and representations and maybe I deviated a bit too far from the original character. But hey, that’s alright I guess. (JKZ I’m so disappointed right now. Ugly sobbing.) I really did invest a lot of time and energy into this little thing, so I guess I just had to post it on Tumblr. Thanks for looking :) 

BUT ANYWAYS, for the contest, make sure to vote for the approved designs here

Voting begins July 6th! 

There were so many awesome designs the last time I checked, so “Well, I guess that’s worth a look”! (Random quote :P) And also remember that TOM HIDDLESTON is a judge. :-) Best of luck to all the participants! xo