Shift in Seasons - Autumn

Caspian AU

Warnings: None

A/N: I’m feeling angst – a result of my deep internal debate of breaking up with this guy I’m seeing or not and this time of the year always makes me nostalgic of high school so I had to get this out. Also not enough Caspian literature – I’m starting a whole wave of AUs on his behalf lol

Autumn always suited him. The way the orange and red colors danced against his chocolate brown eyes is what had captured your attention the first time that you saw him. Unlike the other kids that had grown up in the small town, you were new. Didn’t know the history he had with the town – didn’t know that he was a part of a legacy or that he was destined to be the star quarterback or where he wanted to attend college.

You saw those chocolate brown eyes from across the court yard as he laughed along with the Pevensies and you had been hooked.

That had been two years ago.

Now the bright chocolate brown eyes didn’t dance under the cool autumn sunset, his cold hand gripping yours lightly as you both walked home, the leaves crunching underneath your feet like eggshells.

Something had changed.

“Heard there was going to be a Halloween party at the Bern’s this weekend. Supposed to be a rager.” You try to feign fake enthusiasm, trying to pull some sort of emotion out of him but all he does is give a faint smile, his grip slipping from your fingers a bit.

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I also remember there’s THIS??? Wow it’s pretty shitty but w/e

(Adding on to that thin jess posted about humanstuck fantrolls)
Like yeah so I decided Peitra’s nationality would be european (by the origins of her name) so when she goes to america because of a transfer in school arache meets her and she doesn’t think she can speak legit english so she asks and all that
Peitra draws a lot of stuff for arache (“shut up about dragons already sheesh” “no draw me some more”)

I don’t know anymore